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Backup Service


Sterling Data Storage Offering Backup ServiceA backup service offers the best protection against the natural and man-made disasters that would otherwise threaten a business’ essential data. Floods and fires offer graphic testimony of the hazards of onsite storage, and power surges have destroyed more data than all the natural disasters combined. Hard drives can crash or be accidentally overwritten. Corporate espionage may successfully target data if no backup service has been retained.

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The solution to these problems is to use an online backup service. Information managers need look no further for data security than industry-leader Sterling Data Storage. Sterling protects a business’ data using 128-bit encryption before it leaves the premises. The data travels, is stored and returns to a client’s office in this same form making it very difficult for anyone to gain unauthorized access.


Sterling employs an impressive lineup of redundant disk drives that allow data to be recovered if one or more of the drives is damaged or destroyed. Sterling’s backup service also compresses the data it processes, saving operation time and storage costs for its clients. High-end features such as open and locked file support ensure that files that are in use at the time of the backup can nevertheless be stored.

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No backup service can properly support its clients without a state-of-the-art facility. Sterling Data Storage maintains its servers at an optimal temperature. They stand in rooms that are themselves powered by uninterrupted power supplies so that even a power blackout won’t affect the data. To combat hackers and corporate espionage, Sterling tests its own defenses using security experts who attempt to access the data stored on its servers. The buildings are patrolled around the clock.


When disaster strikes, clients contact Sterling to replace the data that has been lost. They are relieved to find that their backup service makes the data available to them immediately, even if their building has been destroyed and they do not have the hardware in place to use it. All they need is an internet connection and their secure data can be accessed without interruption and while it is being uploaded to a new facility. Sterling Data Storage makes a very strong case for itself when a business chooses a backup service. Their advanced hardware and software solutions keep a business’ data secure and simple to access.



Best of all, when disaster strikes Sterling can be relied upon to replace all the data immediately with our backup service.

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