Backup Storage

Backup Storage

Backup Storage Devices Sold By Sterling Data StorageOnline backup storage has revolutionized data security. This concept is relatively new, allowing average users/businesses to backup and store their data on multiple computers around the world via an online server. Services like Sterling Data Storage offer reliable and secure online storage that can protect your information if your computer crashes or hard drive breaks.

Sterling can be used for virtually any type of business. Whether your company is large, medium, or just one person, your data files can easily get stored on Sterling servers. This isn’t some mediocre security backup storage, as they use the same encryption services as many currency exchangers and financial institutions. A 128-bit encryption is added before the files even leave your hard drive, and the files remain in encrypted format until they reach the secure servers.

Data Backup Storage Reliability Solutions

Users can store any kind of file, from databases to personal music/photos. The files are distributed on several drives, so even if one server fails, there will still be several other backups. Once you’ve uploaded your information on a backup storage, it is almost impossible that you will lose your data.

In the event of power failure, Sterling has an array of backup generators and fail-safe backups. For day-to-day use, the servers have uninterrupted power supplies and are constantly temperature-controlled to prevent overheating.

Systems With Backup Storage

Data can be lost as a result of theft, viruses, software crash, or even natural disasters. With Sterling, these crises will barely affect your business, as it only takes a few minutes to access Sterling data storage and begin downloading your vital files. If you have problems, there is a 24/7 support service available to help you find solutions for your backup storage.

Backing up files on other hard drives, DVDs, or tapes are also effective, but it leaves your files more vulnerable to data loss and damage. It can also be unpredictable, since a scratched DVD or faulty HDD can ruin critical data.

If you don’t want to manually update your backups every time you make changes to your data, you can configure a schedule for automated data backups. Despite the immense security, accessing your data backup storage is relatively easy if you have the right credentials. For uploading, you can drag-and-drop or manually select the files from your hard drive.

Sterling is the perfect data backup storage option for companies that need to backup and protect vital information. It uses a top-notch encryption system and data is easily accessible. With Sterling, you’ll get great security without the hassle of complex and expensive hardware.

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