Internet Data Backup

Internet Data Backup

Your source for Internet Data Backup by Sterling Data StorageThe most convenient way to remotely backup your business files and meet compliance standards for security and encryption is to use an internet data backup solution. As electronic information becomes more critical to the business operation, businesses that do not have an internet data backup solution are in danger of losing all of their important documents, client information and financial data. Using a backup service that safely transfers your data over the wire (over the internet) provides peace of mind to a business owner and is invaluable in the case of data loss, hardware corruption or unforeseen catastrophe in the office where data is typically stored. There are many features to consider when choosing a trustworthy service. Ease of use, data upload time, bandwidth consumption and data recovery time are just a few of the key features an automated internet data backup software solution should possess. Sterling Data Storage has incorporated over 25 years of data storage and security knowledge into it’s flagship data backup and recovery product. The best technology is coupled with a stellar reputation in the industry and affordable pricing for any sized business.


Selecting the wrong type of backup or service provided can result in wasted expenses or, in some cases, the inability to retrieve data. Keep in mind, businesses are essentially paying to get their data safely back in the case of data loss. Some online backup companies do not use encrypted storage or they do not use the most secure SSL forms of encryption for data transmission. Information stored online needs to have a certain level of security to protect the owner from having his or her identity stolen. Businesses who generate intellectual property such as copy written material, need to ensure their internet data backup company provides the most sophisticated means of encryption to protect the inherent copyright status of their works.

Architecture Of Effective Internet Data Backup Solutions

A person who backs up data via the company intranet (internal network server) is still at risk of losing the data in the event of hardware malfunction or failure, a network-wide viral attack or physical damage to the facility (natural disaster). Electronic records and information should be kept offsite and in another state where the data is redundantly stored. Keeping data stored on a local server is acceptable as long as the server itself is backed up remotely. Complete data loss at the computer level (desktop computer, laptop or tablet device) can occur when a company goes bankrupt or from theft. Having an effective disaster recovery plan in place which includes internet data backup can avoid the legal consequences and financial impact of data loss.

Choosing The Right Internet Data Backup Company

There are many different technologies provided by internet backup companies. However, speedy data transfer and retrieval is among the most important features to consider. If data cannot be quickly restored, the business cannot function and will suffer major financial losses. Technically, the internet data backup company should provide a software program that automatically backs up the business machines using an incremental backup technique. Incremental backup technology searches the computer where the software is installed, looking for changes in any files and then only sending the modified or new files to the remote storage facility. This reduces the workload and bandwidth to send the files over the internet.


Encryption and security are another key consideration. Internet data backup services provided by Sterling Data Storage ensure that all of the information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption both during the process of leaving a hard drive and while it is stored in one of the data centers. Each of the Sterling data centers use the latest biometric access technology and are guarded throughout the entirety of every day, seven days a week, during every year. This adds an extra measure of security to protect clients from identity theft and other forms of intrusion.


About Sterling Data Storage:
Sterling Data Storage is an electronic data storage company with numerous locations throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Charlotte, North Carolina and Phoenix, Arizona. Sterling’s proprietary internet data backup service provides an affordable and easy way to have the best in class business continuity solutions while protecting your company from data loss.

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