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Data Backup Solutions From Sterling Data StoragePerhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of business maintenance is data backup and storage. It is fairly easy to underestimate its importance as well as to overestimate your data’s tenacity or reliability. This is especially true for online–based or digital–based businesses where the loss of data could equate to an ultimate loss of profit and possibly lead to bankruptcy. When discussing the digital security of your business, there should be no shortcuts. Sterling Data Storage can assure you that your data will be safe, and in turn, so will your business.

Related Services To Data Backup

Sterling Data Storage is a team of experts dedicated to optimizing the data in your business to ensure its safety and protection from current threats or future threats. Aside from general data storage, Sterling offers several different services related to data backup such as online backup, local backup, reliable backup scheduling, and a quick and effective restore process, all with the power of a tried and tested backup engine, broad application support and powerful backup policies.


Online backup is a cutting–edge technology that allows you to access your data anytime anywhere using the online interface. Not only is it reliable, but it is also a very convenient and simple way to back up your data and retrieve it at will. You may feel a bit hesitant leaving your data online, but rest assured that this data is fully protected with the same high-security encryption that official financial institutions use. Aside from this, numerous other measures are taken to ensure complete and total protection of your data. Data is saved on several different enterprise grade data disks that are temperature controlled as well as having electrical backup from generators and fuel in the event of a power failure. Sterling goes to great lengths to provide a thorough and complete service.

Data Recovery Services

Of course, backup without recovery is pointless. This is why Sterling offers the most advanced data recovery services on the market. Any sort of data loss could result in a possible loss of millions. In the event of a disaster, Sterling is prepared to help your business get back on its feet with data recovery plans that can guarantee near–complete restoration.


Sterling Data Storage is a company that aims to help protect your business from any data failure and to assist you in restoring it in the event of a disaster. Sterling’s team of experts offers some of the most high–technology services in data backup and storage.


With Sterling, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and will always be able to recover from any sort of data failure.

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