Secure Data Backup

Secure Data Backup


In today’s interconnected world, online and cloud-based services offer a number of integral functions that businesses cannot go without, such as secure data backup. Acquiring data recovery services that can help restore business functions in case of a data disaster is essential.


Sterling Data Storage Offering Companies Secure Data StorageThe keyword here, however, is “secure.” Just how much is your backup exposed to potential threats that you need it secured? You need to always ensure that your data is safe – be it through password protection, multiple encryption, or some other security algorithm – but what threats are you guarding against and what sort of damage can they wreak? Why do you need “secure” backup?

Investing In Secure Data Backup

If you were to assign a department of your company to handle paper files, you would need to organize your staff to allow access to certain personnel, enabling them certain privileges like changing, appending, or removing files. You do this for organizational efficiency and to ensure no information in the files is lost. This is also the case for digital data where the practice is called ‘data hygiene.’


Secure data backup services ensure that only people explicitly allowed to access sensitive data have control over them, which helps ensure no data is lost or corrupted.

Major Corporations Use Secure Data Backup

If you thought that data “disasters” pertain to actual natural calamities like fire or flood, know that over 90% of data disasters are related to technical or equipment failure and human error and that’s why it is important to have secure data backup. No matter how many safeguards and failsafe measures there are, a single human error can do a lot of damage particularly to digitally stored data. Human error disasters that wipe out or corrupt data from physical storage in the office is one thing, human error disasters that can potentially disrupt backup is another.


Secure data backup prevents data disasters caused by human error that could be avoided in the first place, making your backup service much more functional and safe.

Secure Data Backup Helps With Hacking And Data Theft

Unintentional errors could happen anytime, but compared to intentional unauthorized access, it is much easier to handle. Imagine your backup – gigabytes of sensitive data pertaining to your business processes, products, and even client information – unsecured and just waiting for a hacker or information thief to hijack.

You may think that you organization is the farthest priority of hackers and hacker groups, but even viruses can do a lot of damage by corrupting data. Secure data backup does not just mean your information is secure from hacking and theft threats, it also means it is safe from corrupting viruses and malware.



Of course, all of the above reasons why you should avail of secure data backup services all share a common denominator: you need to back up your data because it is important, and like all other important valuables, you should do so under lock and key.

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