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Sterling Data Storage is the Premier Data Storage ComanySmall, medium and large businesses must implement adequate storage of raw data that translates into actionable company processes, including sales, investments, customer contact information, proprietary technology, leads, and many other forms of IT data. Files can suffer damage from human error, technology failure or natural disasters. Finding a data storage company sustainability and scalability are impacted by a company’s ability to protect its data. Companies require ever-increasing information, and a data storage company offers protection from the vagaries of fate. These storage companies have been growing at an accelerated rate, according to Forbes magazine, and rank near the top of fastest-growing companies.

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Agility and efficiency require simple methods of uploading data from multiple sources and the ability to retrieve information from any site. A data storage company can facilitate transfer of information or synchronization of computers at a faster rate of speed with greater security. Data erasures can occur at any time. Critical information such as credit card billing information, customer contact data, ordering history, and employee files can be lost. The need for safe storage is absolutely vital. Many online sources offer calculators that can assess risks and storage needs for companies. Businesses can determine how critical their data may be and assess what costs should be authorized to implement safe archiving of information.

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Security is critical. Many companies expend serious efforts to guarantee the security of their online operations, but they often fail to investigate the security of backup storage. Backup systems offer a tempting target to hackers, data thieves, and competitors to obtain intelligence about company operations. Data storage should offer the same level of security as leading financial institutions.

Sterling Data storage offers storage, synchronization, security and fast restoration of files to backup critical proprietary company information. The company’s advanced search engine locates files in a fraction of the time that other storage companies require. Information is encrypted and compressed, and bandwidth throttling facilitates quick, efficient transfers. Mailbox functions can be quickly restored, so the company can meet deadlines and obligations even during a disaster scenario. Many companies offer storage, but transfer speed and capacity vary tremendously. Scalability requires choosing a data storage company with the capacity to handle increasing levels of sophisticated storage options.

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Practical storage features from Sterling Data Storage ensure that accessing, uploading and sharing functions are intuitive and simple, while maintaining security protocols. Mobile access allows company employees to access files securely from any location. The data center where files are stored is temperature controlled, and power is provided by uninterrupted sources with backup generators powered by unlimited fuel supplies. Data are stored on enterprise grade discs, which guard against disc failure, and data are stored in multiple locations in the unlikely event one of the drives fails.

Security and reliability of critical information is very much assured. That’s why it is crucial finding the correct data storage company.

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