Backup Mass Data Storage

Backup Mass Data Storage

Deciding on backup mass data storage services for a small or medium business (SMB) is not as simple or as offhanded as flipping a coin. For entrepreneurs, the main business objective – information management – should be prioritized.

Offering Back Up Mass Data Storage from Sterling Data StorageTo be successful in information management in a business environment, there are a number of factors to be considered. An entry in the 1st issue of the 2nd volume of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies (2011), titled “GROWTH OF DIGITAL CONTENTS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT USING STORAGE AREA NETWORK,” actually lists 6 factors of storage area networks specifically. However, among those six, 3 business-relevant factors ring true for any sort of backup service:

Performance Backup Mass Data Storage

Among the numerous metrics that define beneficial performance and monitoring in a backup service, reliability, scalability, and availability play crucial roles for startups and SMBs. The technical aspects – bandwidth, latency, response time, and delay – heft more weight for larger data networks. While the topic may be mass storage, the data for SMBs is relatively less compared to what larger corporations handle. As such, the facets of availability and reliability (being able to rely on a backup and recovery service to be operating smoothly whenever you require it) and scalability (being able to scale its functions to your needs) are quite essential.

Restoration Backup Mass Data Storage Software

The main goal of employing backup mass data storage services is to effectively and efficiently backup large amounts of business data to be safe from potentially operationally debilitating disasters that could wreak havoc on company systems and in-house databases. The backup is the final lifeline that secures important data – this means that a service’s data restoration and disaster management factor is very significant. It would be wise to prioritize services that have well defined, planned, and formulated disaster recovery systems and procedures that can be adjusted to meet your specific business requisites.

Premier Backup Mass Data Storage Services

Aside from performance metrics and the actual objective of safeguarding data, however, the practical facet also comes into play. The total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for a particular backup service – in terms of both hard and soft expenses – should be cost-efficient based on the capital invested on the service, plus maintenance. Comparing calculated TCO and ROI for several service providers is a top priority.


These 3 factors should be on the top of your list when deciding on backup mass data storage services to try. If a service checks out on all three – performance and monitoring, disaster recovery, and the practical matters of TCO and ROI – then you found yourself an invaluable business asset.

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