Data Archiving

Data Archiving


Data Archiving From Sterling Data StorageThe idea of using data archiving services appeals to many business owners. Even though business personnel do not need the data now, the information often needs to have accessibility. For instance, a company with an expired patent may not need the related information now, but the important features of the company that owns the patent still need to have easy accessibility for future reference. The creator of a new and similar patent may need to use the older statistics for the sake of comparison in order to make improvements, and the use of a data archive makes this possible.

Data Archiving Is Similar To A Library

A company owner who uses the services of Sterling Data Storage to archive data virtually creates a permanent data library. This library of information is accessible at all times, and the data has indexes that make it possible to locate files without any difficulties. If a person needs one small piece of information, the he or she can locate the data via unique search capabilities. The creation of a data archive means that the individual can free up memory on the company’s hard drives because all of the archived data is located in an external building. There is no longer any need to back up older data that does not need immediate access.

Legal Regulations Regarding Data Archiving

Many state and federal laws mandate that larger corporations have data archiving services. Data archives permit large companies to keep information for longer periods, and this helps to prevent fraudulent business practices. Business owners who need data archiving can use the services of Sterling Data Storage for this purpose. The archived information is in guarded facilities, so there is no need to fear losing any of the archived files.


The modern facilities provided by Sterling Data Storage ensure that clients do not need to worry about identity theft. This is a particular concern when storing older documents, many of which contain sensitive details regarding proprietary information that is crucial to a company’s marketing success. All of the facilities feature guarded archived data every day of the year, and the data is stored on modern equipment using 128-bit encryption. Clients can safely archive all of their data files, yet have access to the information if they should need any documents in the future.



Clients who think it is important to use data archiving services find that Sterling Data Storage provides them with professional archives. The future of a company often depends on its historical data, and an archive preserves all pertinent information.

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