Data Storage Backup

Data Storage Backup


Data Storage Backup from Sterling Data StorageFor many businesses, data storage backup and security is elemental to running a business continuously and decreasing risk of data loss. Reliable companies like Sterling Data Storage provide a superior data storage backup solution at a fraction of the cost developing remote infrastructure. With multiple backup and military grade encryption methods, business owners and IT directors can rest assured that their information is safe and well guarded. Users select redundancy levels and setup local backup servers that are also remotely backed up using a single Sterling Data Storage application.


Sterling Data Storage can store any type of data – large media files, video, drawings, financial, legal and medical. The data storage backup method is compliant with regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPPA and the State Bar Association. Most clients find the application interface and dashboard reporting easy to use and understand. Sterling also offers file support, safe storage and retrieval. Sterling can even restore lost mailbox information and files in the case of a network or other mailing failure. Clients can customize their file storage plan based on their needs and budget. The Sterling data storage backup technology is capable of supporting large enterprise storage and small business backup.

Data Storage Backup Strategies

Clients can rest assured that Sterling will provide the best possible data protection, ensuring that any and all materials are safely stored and easy to find. Sterling automatically synchronizes operations and files so that they are easily indexed. This index is useful when trying to locate files during a recovery or retrieval effort. Sterling uses high quality disks to save all materials, preventing any loss of data from disk failures. Data is also stored to multiple drives, ensuring that even if mechanical failure does occur, no data is lost. The data center wherein all files and storage is maintained is temperature controlled and has a constant power supply. Even in the case of power failure or interruption, generators are constantly available to provide back-up energy.

Securing Businesses With Data Storage Backup

Data storage backup can be elemental after a disaster or hardware failure. While businesses without secure storage may find important information and files impossible to recover, those that use storage need only wait for the data to be recovered from the secure backup location. Sterling offers secure services through their safely guarded data centers, which are constantly monitored and safeguarded. Because Sterling also uses Online Backup, information and files are encrypted in various locations and with various means of retrieval.


While data and file storage may not seem elemental to a company, it can be imperative for any size business and can make a huge difference in an emergency or other data loss situation. Most companies do not recognize the importance of secure information storage until it is too late. Without data storage, a network failure or computer crashing can mean significant loss of time and money, as important files and company information can be lost.


Working with a data storage backup company like Sterling Data Storage will ensure any business can easily restore their files in case of data loss or hardware loss.

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