Data Storage Center

Data Storage Center

Data Storage Center used by Sterling Data StorageTheir have been many reports why it is important to find a reliable data storage center to protect valuable information. The Open Security Foundation’s Data Loss Survey of 2011 indicated that data losses involving third parties are more likely to occur and cause more devastating damage. In the same survey, it was indicated that 18% of all the data is mostly lost through hacking, 15% through theft of hardware such as computers and 1% through virus attacks among other causes. The Telecommunication Industry Association also did a similar study indicating 44% of all data loss emanates from hardware or system malfunction while natural disasters contribute to 3% of data lost as they are confined to specific areas. From assessing these statistics, it becomes apparent that your business needs a data storage center for safety purposes.

Computer Data Storage Center

In 2011 IBM survey, 57% of IT experts concurred that their data is exploding in terms of amount and hence they needed an efficient storage and management system. Though you might consider a data storage center an extravagant business solution for large companies, the debilitating effects of any data loss should persuade you otherwise. Traditionally these centers were facilities that housed your computer storage systems thus providing backup in case you lose any data in a mishap.  A data storage center consists of tiered storage systems, archiving of the data, and storage compliance while also providing you with the right data management tools. This means your business will need a large facility for rack space and the power consumption will also increase significantly especially if you are using the large 3.5 inch hard disk drives that can consume a lot of power.

Finding Offsite Data Storage Center

If you assess the cost of setting up your own data storage center, it becomes clear that an onsite storage facility might be out of the question. However, you need not worry because there are many data storage companies specifically created for your type of business.  It can either be provided on your promises or on a SAN (Storage Area Network) environment. The SAN option works well if you have multiple servers but more importantly, provides online recover ability of data in case of any losses. Most of the data storage center options today are also going green by opting for practices such as thin provisioning; data de-duplication among others thus meaning you will be contributing to the environment.

Disaster Recovery Data Storage Center

If you are looking for a reliable online backup storage option, there are some factors you need to consider. For starters, security is paramount and the company offering the service must provide the highest level of data encryption. The firm must also offer multiple options in their package including customized services, mailbox restore, CPU and bandwidth throttling, and an open and lock file system for enhanced file security. Theses security features might seem too strict but consider a survey by the Ponemon Institute in 2011 that showed cyber criminals have a  77% chance of assessing sensitive data from your site in case of  a breach.


If you have details such as personal and financial information a loss like this might lead to the collapse of your business. Getting a reliable data storage center should thus form the core of your risk management plans.

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