Data Storage Service

Data Storage Service


Data storage service is a very important element of protecting critical information for your business. A premium data storage company provides features that are essential to having the best service protecting your data.


Providing Data Storage Service by Sterling Data StorageKey features include safe and secure storage. This means that high-level encryption and compression are standard for optimum storage. File support that has open and lock features to protect the data is also important. The appropriate CPU size and bandwidth become decisive in the matter of large data files. Finding the right data storage service company that follows backup procedures and standards are necessary to make sure that you have this critical part of protection.

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Incidents occur that could cause data loss. These incidents could include natural disasters like floods or storms. A virus can attack your computer system. Recovery is certainly a feature that is important in cases like these. Sterling Data Storage is the company that provides an optimum Data Storage Service to meet all your business needs. The focus of Sterling is to provide restoration and expeditious recovery. This focus will make sure that your business operations continue uninterrupted.

The online climate of business in the world today requires experts to keep your business operations safe and secure. This means optimum security and recovery standards that do not compromise your critical data. The need for a data storage and recovery company that is top of the line is clear. Using state of the art equipment and software applications, this company is prepared to meet your needs in data storage service.

Companies Providing Data Storage Service

The data center of Sterling is a premium center. Several disks are used to protect your data. The use of multiple disks is one way to protect your information because if one fails, others are on standby to maintain your data. The data center is controlled in several ways. Temperature control is used to make sure that the equipment is protected in the right climate. Multiple power sources are used to make sure failure on one source does not cause a complete breakdown of the system. The back-up generators are present for any power failure and this means that Sterling has you covered.

Certainly, a crisis can happen that is unpreventable. This means that recovery is the tool that you need to recover the loss of critical data. A backup procedure that includes secure encryption of your critical data is the standard at Sterling.


Sterling Data Storage is here to provide you the ultimate protection for your business, using the latest tecnology in data storage service.

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