Data Vaulting

Data Vaulting

Secured Data Vaulting ServicesData vaulting helps Whether you own a business or not, you have information on your computer that you do not want to lose. Many reasons could cause loss of important documents and pictures. Viruses, theft and hardware failures are just naming a few. In order to protect your important information, you may consider data vaulting. With this process, you send your important information to an off-site company. It is stored and encrypted to keep it safe from threats. Sterling Data Storage is a company that deals with online backup. They offer personal and business backup services to give you peace of mind. They use the same type of encryption methods as financial institutions to ensure the utmost security with your important information.

Preferred Data Vaulting

The data chosen for data vaulting is first encrypted while still on your hard drive. The secured files are then sent to the data center and remain encrypted throughout storage. You still have access to your files; they do not remove the information, but simply store it in case there is a problem. They use quality enterprise-grade disks to help prevent disk failures. The data is also stored on many disks and drives just in case one of the drives fail. This rarely happens, but it is one of Sterling Data Storage’s unique protection strategies.

Protect Information With Data Vaulting Software

Sterling Data Storage’s centers are protected by professional security teams and are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have peace of mind knowing that the important information you need to run your business is being protected and secured at all times. It is important to have a data vaulting company in your corner. You do not know when something might happen that will ruin your hard drive and you do not want to lose all of your important data. Our center has an uninterrupted power supply and is temperature controlled. They use back-up generators for power outage events.

Secured Data Vaulting Services

Generally, vaulting is done by businesses. They have the potential to lose a lot of money if they lose client information. They may be completely unable to do their jobs, and can lose money and clients. They could even be fined or have legal action taken against them. However, even those who do not own businesses can greatly benefit from these services. Chances are, you have pictures and music stored on your computer. These types of files can also benefit from an online backup company. What would happen if your computer received a virus that could not be fixed or if your hard drive was damaged because of power surge or natural disaster? Many times, the memories stored on the computer cannot be recovered.

Data vaulting is a great way to keep important information safe and secure for businesses and individuals. Without it, you could risk losing everything on your computer you think is important.

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