Digital Data Storage

Digital Data Storage


Electronic Digital Data Storage by Sterling Data StorageInternational Data Corporation IDC estimates that online content will grow up to 2.7 zettabytes by the end of 2012. This is a 48 percent growth from last year’s data. Company IT managers, information officers, and chief executives will be looking at digital data storage in the New Year with a fresh pair of eyes. This follows the introduction of advanced storage services such as cloud computing, mailbox restore services, big data and analytical services. According to a 2011 study by IBM, 57 percent of IT managers are contemplating new methods to cache information for future needs.

Different Types Of Digital Data Storage

IT pundits predict that major industries such as healthcare, social media and entertainment will lead the way in innovation of new memory saving systems in 2012. Some of the likely changes in the digital record keeping sector might entail:

Storage Solution Breakthroughs
There is growing concern about the permanence of digital content. This form of data, usually stored in hardware such as disks still remains vulnerable, despite of all the counteractive measures in place. Disks can corrode, hardware can become obsolete and computer memory techniques and formats may not augur well with future technology. Thus, there is a growing need for data processing companies to upgrade to the latest, safest storage equipment and materials.

Sterling Data Storage, offers innovative and secure storage facilities for company data. This includes comprehensive online data back up and protection for small and medium sized companies.

Future In Digital Data Storage Solutions

Smart Record Keeping
Following in the footsteps of social media sites, many online companies today are pondering smart information storage. This entails active digital data storage and continual management of data in real time. Such a process assists companies to add value to information, obtain better opportunities and share information quicker. The major challenge in this case is collating, organizing and linking the data with related tools, links and documents. Sterling Company recognizes the value of such innovation digital data storage and offers customizable policies for backup sets with search engine indexing to restore information within a fraction of time.

Corporations Using Digital Data Storage

Future Storage Needs
The digital age we live in makes it impossible for some industries to function effectively without innovative data reposting systems. A good example is the movie industry whereby a single day’s shoot can generate terabytes of data in need of storage. Healthcare is also similar with patients’ records and procedures, including research data, requiring numerous storage servers. These industries have even greater future storage requirements that call for ingenuity by storage companies.  Sterling is leading the way by offering encrypted and compressed file storage, CPU and bandwidth throttling services and online backup services. Hence, company data is safe and easy to recover, no matter the scale.

The digital data storage industry is dynamic in nature. The proliferation of information in the digital age makes it necessary to adapt to new systems or perish. As information storage needs grow by leaps and bounds in the New Year, there is need for innovative, smart and future capacities to manage it.

Sterling Data Company is dedicated to providing such services as digital data storage to its current and future clients.

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