Enterprise Data Storage

Enterprise Data Storage

Offering The Best Enterprise Data StorageEnterprise data storage utilizes advanced enterprise software to handle high loads effortlessly, and the software supports multiplatform operations. Companies that sell enterprise software services must provide 24/7 operation and support, while maintaining constant uptime of at least 99.99 percent. The equipment must be protected from power outages, disc failure, and other routine problems.

Efficient data storage for companies requires this level of reliability and more. Uploading and sharing files should be easy, and companies should be able to restore their data quickly. Many industries are required by law to do so. HIPPA is a law that pertains to the insurance and health care industries. Storage of critical data must fulfill the regulatory requirements because of the importance of this information to government agencies, insurance providers, and courts. In addition, Enterprise Data Storage security is essential since medical files are confidential. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act regulates the way financial institutions back up their records. Security is vital for these organizations to prevent fraud.

Offering Enterprise Data Storage Services

Many companies have important proprietary information that is as critical as the cases mentioned above. In-house backup systems are tremendously expensive and require a great deal of redundancy to safeguard company information. Small and medium-size businesses can seldom afford this type of investment to safeguard their date. Online storage companies, such as Sterling Data Storage, provide business with affordable, secure and efficient storage solutions to meet client needs. The company leads the industry with enterprise data storage capabilities that surpass all regulatory requirements. Companies can compare the cost of maintaining their own backup solutions by studying a representative sample of what is needed.

Affordable Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Sterling Data Storage offers affordable storage solutions that can expand as a company grows. The encrypted storage system utilizes the latest technology to ensure the highest level of security that matches what is used by financial institutions. Not only are the data safe, but also easy to synchronize in multiple locations. Restoration of such information as employee mailbox voicemail can be quickly accomplished with an efficient search engine that locates critical information at lightening speed. Sterling stores information on multiple discs for redundancy and has an uninterrupted power supply backed by generators with continuous fuel supplies.

Considerable resources must be expended to recover lost data from a computer virus, natural disaster, stolen laptops, or hard drive crashes. Sterling Data Storage focuses on restoring data quickly to minimize the consequences of lost information.

Enterprise data storage helps individuals and businesses utilizing their service can quickly synchronize, recover, or access data from any computer or mobile device, and the security is comprehensive.

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