Internet Data Storage

Internet Data Storage


Switching to Internet Data Storage with Sterling Data StorageInternet data storage is the contemporary IT community’s collective answer to innumerable prayers. Attaining adequate security and data preservation have presented overwhelming challenges since time immemorial. Until relatively recent times, establishing and maintaining of these essential elements has been cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming.


Storing proprietary work products and vital documents on a single internal or external hard disc, zip drive, or CD-ROM set is a common practice among small businesses and professional authors.


Although easy and apparently cost efficient, the fatal flaw of this method lies in the fact that such devices are subject to failure, destruction, loss, theft, and deteriorating data retention capability.

Safeguarding Information With Internet Data Storage

Most hard disc failures occur without any advance warning. Intricate infrastructures comprised of delicate physical components complicate matters even further. The slightest infiltration by dust, magnets, or covert malware installation has immediate and catastrophic consequences.


Small and mid-sized business concerns must frequently backup even more data than most private individuals. Ongoing expenses for CD-ROM, additional hard drives, and similar hardware becomes a huge budgetary burden over time. Internet data storage offers immense advantages

Internet Data Storage Secures Valuable Data

Offsite storage is probably the biggest advantage of online data backup. Instead of time-consuming and potentially costly, risky trips to send and receive data, users remain comfortably situated while their priceless info steadily and silently flows to a distant secure source.


Because remote backup requires no active human intervention to initiate, no possibility of mislabeling or improper indexing exists. In addition, proper identification of targeted backup files allows secure duplication of files subsequently added to specific sub directories.

Setting Standards In Internet Data Storage

In fact, Sterling Data Storage services are even configurable for continuous remote backup. This allows real-time capture of newly-created files. Unlike conventional storage media, virtual data repositories have no spatial restrictions or logical limitations. No special scheduling or reminders are necessary to utilize online file storage. Merely preselect your preferred backup schedule and let the system do the rest!


Our web-based data backup mechanisms employ encryption levels that range from 128 to 448 bits. This means that your privacy is assured – even when valuable data is transmitted via otherwise unsecure internet links.


Internet Data Storage has taken the lead in providing positive variations on familiar themes of negativity. See how our dynamic innovations can solve your own data storage dilemmas by scheduling a no-cost demonstration today. Don’t wait another nanosecond to take advantage of all we have to offer!

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