Large Data Storage

Large Data Storage

Large Data Storage by Sterling Data StorageIf you have been in business for long, it is almost inevitable that computers form a large part of your administrative infrastructure. Your office thus produces a lot of information be it customer shopping details or research findings.  This data is invaluable for your business and hence, any loss would be detrimental to future operations. Large Data storage is an offshoot of the computer industry and this highlights the importance of the practice. DataMonitor carried out a survey in 2007-2008 indicating that a large percentage of IT expert believe their businesses could go bankrupt in case of data loss. To put this into perspective consider that research firm IDC reported a 48% increase in storage demand in 2007 thus showing the amount of data that can be lost and ensuing financial damage. Large data storage today is no longer an option for only the large firms but even SMEs. Hardware failure is blamed for 40% of all data loss while human error accounts for 13% as seen in a report by The Insurance Agency.

Very Large Data Storage Companies

Other than financial losses your business will suffer in case of data losses, the interruptions that arise lead to loss of continuity and hence, low customer loyalty and negative effects on your brand. Despite these obvious dangers, a survey by The Diffusion Group in 2010 indicated that 40% of SMEs do not backup their data, 60% of all data is held on laptops and PCs, and 40-50% of the storage options are not even recoverable. Picking a reputable storage company is the first step you need to take and more importantly, the storage option.

Electronic Large Data Storage Devices

Over the last few years, SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems have proved to be popular. The SAN environment has large cabinets with versatile software utilities to manage the multiple arrays and architectural configuration needed to back up your data instantly. On the other hand, NAS units are self-contained and have individual operating system. The online back up large data storage options are all the buzz today with various companies providing the best recoverable storage system. When selecting the storage option compare the type of back up scheme used (full backup or incremental) and the amount of data you will be able to archive. The security of the large data storage option must also be assured through comprehensive encryption of the data during relaying, bandwidth throttling among other such measures that improve general security.


That it is why the large data storage hardware used must also be enterprise based to ensure recovery is fast and the interruptions do not spiral out of hand.

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