Long Term Data Storage

Long Term Data Storage

Data Solutions for Long Term Data StorageLong term data storage can be the life blood of any company.  If it is lost or compromised, your company can be brought to its knees, overnight.  The information you have collected is critical to current operations and future growth.  Knowing this, it is essential to have a data recovery plan in place including one that provides business continuity.  One of the critical components of any plan is the selection of a long term data storage company that will provide the best protection and support possible.  When disaster hits, and it is not a question of if but when, the last thing you want to do is worry about the company you chose to provide this vital service.

Online Backup Long Term Data Storage

Imagine the devastation of losing your data.  Consider what such a loss would mean.  The following is a list of critical data that could be lost as a result of a natural or manmade disaster:

    Vendor contact information, billing, and standing orders
    Customer/client contact information and all associated data
    Product/service information
    Company organization and operation descriptions
    Human resources data
    Financial data and investment information

Could your company survive such a loss?  You know it cannot.  What can you do to make sure a disaster is not a death blow, as well?  You can select a company that can back up your data, provide scalability, and restore it quickly and efficiently?  Sterling Data Storage is that company.  Their business is backing up your business.

Software For Long Term Data Storage

Whether your company is small or an enterprise level business, Sterling Data Storage offers long term data storage solutions that will meet your needs.  Regardless of the amount of data your company has, we can handle it.  Backups are handled online which means that if you need to access it, you will have the same immediate online access available to you when your restore your data.

We treat your data as carefully as we take care of our own.  We rely on the extensive protection of 128-bit encryption in our long term data storage solutions.  These are the same techniques used by Internet currency dispatchers, financial institutions, and other entities that require protection.  In fact, the same level of encryption is utilized while it is stored at our facilities.  In addition to encryption, your data resides in a temperature controlled facility that incorporates backup generators and an unlimited fuel supply, so a loss of power is not a concern.  As a final touch, the facilities are guarded, 24/7, for your peace of mind.



Should your company experience any kind of a loss of data, you can rest assured we will have you up and running in no time. With long term data storage that is all you need to worry about. Sterling Data Storage we will take care of the rest.

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