Off Site Data Storage

Off Site Data Storage


Off Site Data Storage Offered By Sterling Data StorageAny person who uses a computer, whether for personal use or a business, needs to store data in a Sterling Data Storage off site data storage facility. An individual who does not take advantage of storing data in a storage facility can lose all of the important documents, photographs, correspondence and any types of files. There is no point in saving information on a computer if the data runs the risk of disappearing one day without any hope of ever returning.

An Affordable Off Site Data Storage

When a person makes the decision to store data in a off site data storage facility, the individual chooses to pay an affordable fee for the storage of computer files. Even if the individual has his or her own personal backup media on which to store files, the option to have an off site data storage service is still something to consider. The significance of this need is equal to the importance of the files that exist on a computer.

Invest In A Off Site Data Storage

Most individuals who use computers do not want to wake up and discover that they no longer have access to their documents. The ability to store all of the data on modern disks that meet the latest and most advanced technological standards offers every person the opportunity to retrieve data at any time of the day or night.


It does not matter where the person is located, either, because storing data with Sterling Data Storage means that the information is accessible in any location. This gives every individual the capability of traveling without having to worry about accessing needed documents. A person can even go on a trek in the Himalayan Mountains and still have access to the data.

Off Site Data Storage Modern Technology

The technological advances associated with Sterling Data Storage ensure that people have reliable online backup and retrieval of all data. The use of 128-bit encryption guarantees that the data is secure from prying eyes. This is important to note because not every backup company uses 128-bit encryption. This type of encryption is the same kind found on websites that specialize in stock trading, and it provides the most secure type of encryption that helps to prevent incidents of identity theft.


Clients who have data stored at a Sterling Data Storage off site data storage facility receive outstanding customer service. An email sent in the morning receives a response the same day. This is one example of the type of service provided by this company.


Excellent customer service and superior technology ensure that clients have positive results with off site data storage.

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