Online Data Storage Backup

Online Data Storage Backup


Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and start ups often worry more about advancing their company further in their industry than securing online data storage backup. While that is understandable, data recovery should be just as much a priority, and with good reason.

Why Online Data Storage Backup?

Online Data Storage Backup from Sterling Data StorageSMB entrepreneurs should always back up their important data – the information that when lost can cripple their business functions. Only a handful would lack the hindsight and not have at least physical backups in their offices or company grounds. Going beyond physical backups is important, however, because of imminent data disasters that can wreak havoc on both the primary files as well as backups. Acquiring online data storage backup is the ideal solution.


In today’s modern business world, 81% of SMBs think that their business data is the most significant asset that runs the company. Why would you risk the collapse of your business if a disaster struck and wiped out your data and physical backups?

Online Data Storage Backup is Essential in Risk Management

Every business should have proper risk management protocols in place in case of disasters. Fire extinguishers are among the most typical counter-measures installed in offices. If you have fire extinguishers to help quell fires to keep your hardware and furniture safe, why should you not avail of online backup services for your data? A fire or hurricane can just as easily destroy your data; in 1992, Hurricane Andrew permanently put 80% of all businesses it affected out of operation – and all these businesses did not have continuity plans such as data recovery. 72% of businesses hit by a serious crises typically fail within two years if they do not have the proper online data storage backup to restore their data and return to business as usual. In 2009, a MetaGroup study found that a staggering 94% of businesses do not survive data loss at catastrophic levels.

Confusion about Common Online Data Storage Backup

Perhaps one of the most significant factors that prevent business owners from taking data backup and recovery seriously is a misconception regarding the term “data disasters.” These disasters not only pertain to natural calamities like fires or hurricanes, but also human error and mechanical or technical failures, as well as intentional hacking, infiltration, and data theft. In fact, in 2007 MetaGroup found in a study that natural calamities constitute only 3% of data disasters. Mechanical failures and human error are the prevalent disasters noted.

Backup Information with Online Data Storage Backup

Considering all this data from research, surveys, and studies, would you still want to be among the 59% of business owners who do not even consider making use of online data backup and recovery? If you have fire extinguishers around the office to help in case of fires – which are pretty rare compared to human error and system failures – why should you not have online data storage backup to keep your data safe?



Online data storage backup services could potentially be all that stands between data disasters and your business. Ensure that you have the means to protect yourself from risk.

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