Safe Data Storage

Safe Data Storage

Sterling Data Storage offers Safe Data Storage ServicesAs more and more transactions take place on the internet, security of sensitive data is crucial to the viability of businesses around the world. Safe Data Storage can be a monumental task and not all businesses are equipped with the tools to handle it properly. Sterling Data Storage helps companies of all sizes integrate effective security solutions into their everyday business operations. Sterling’s web based off site data storage capabilities allow businesses to keep sensitive information safe no matter what the threat.

Safe Data Storage Online Protection

Hackers, rogue employees and other individuals are a constant threat to information security. Sometimes however these are not the only instances where information can become compromised. Natural disasters such as flooding, fires, earth quakes or tornados can wreak havoc on a business’s computer systems. Companies that store sensitive information on site using their own servers and that are located in disaster prone areas are vulnerable to these scenarios. Losing precious customer and company info can spell disaster for any business no matter how large or small. By taking advantage of Sterling Data Storage’s offsite web based safe data storage capabilities, your business is constantly protected from the threat of natural disasters.

Remote Backup Safe Data Storage

Data grows and changes every day in companies large and small. New customer data is added and deleted on a daily basis as is overall company information. Routine backups and safe data storage services are the best way to ensure the most relevant data is recovered in the event of a security breach or other occurrence. Sterling’s cutting edge web based data backup syncs directly with your company’s computers multiple times a day. In the event that data needs to be recovered, a backup that is at most hours old can be retrieved in minutes. Any number of possible problems could arise that cause data to become compromised. Hard drives can crash, computers can be stolen, and viruses could be introduced into your company’s network. Having routine backups performed means your business can recover quickly from these unfortunate events.

Featuring Safe Data Storage Services

Sterling is the data storage expert and provides a variety of valuable services when it comes to keeping your business’s information safe. We provide encryption and compression of source and rest files when stored in our database. Open and locked file support, restoration of mailboxes, bandwidth and CPU throttling and customizable backup sets are just a few of the other standard services we perform.

Huge percentages of company’s activities are now performed in a digital space. This makes storage and protection of data even more important than it was in the past. Threats such as hackers, thieves, natural disasters and user error are always around the corner.


Sterling Data Storage helps prepare companies for the inevitable event when they need to restore their systems by using safe data storage.

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