The Disaster Recovery Services Of Sterling Data Storage

Sterling Data Storage Provides Disaster RecoveryFor a number of companies, web based storage space seems like just another fancy cyber space thrill that established businesses can afford to have. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it is not until a business loses its electronic data that the concept of disaster recovery protection sounds ideal. Sterling Data Protection has the experience needed to curb any data loss related to any possible scenario and for any business hoping to make a competitive stand in today’s technology charged world, storage assurances are needed.

Disaster Recovery Solutions For Your Business

While everyone agrees that disaster recovery is the subset of business continuity, not everyone has the solution to safeguard his or her data in case there is trouble. Sterling Data Storage has solutions for every size business and works in your best interest to store and protect electronic data vital to a business’s success. Should your copy of data be erased because of some natural disaster or human error, you are guaranteed to have a backup safely stored.


Due to the heavy reliance on technology, business now has to deal with great amounts of sensitive data to manage the business and carryout day-to-day operations. This information requires safe storage and without a professional storage company to work with, there would not be any assurances of a foolproof backup system. Included among Sterling Data Storage’s services are disaster recovery, online data storage and file protection.

HIPPA Guidelines

In order to ensure decisions are made in tune with the law, Sterling uses HIPPA guidelines, which dictate the rules for file backup and storage. Using a third party to store digital files ensures a number of things, first, businesses do not have to worry about storing hard copies of data in their files, which is quite unreliable because files get old. Secondly, it takes up less time and workforce. Storing papers is challenging because they naturally disintegrated over time if they are not damaged first or misplaced. In addition it is easy for many individuals to access them.

Digital Storage

With digital storage, there is no need for hard copies, it ensures that no unauthorized personnel have access to files and in case of disaster recovery, and there are always backups to ensure there is no operational downtime. Using this technology also saves businesses money by reducing the need for a large workforce and in most cases; productivity increases after switching to electronic storage.


While not everyone may see the need to use web-based storage, the reasons for taking precautions are reasonable and any business with sensitive records should consider the services of Sterling Data Storage to prevent disaster recovery. Human induced disasters are many and as more businesses rely on complex IT infrastructures to operate, web storage becomes more and more vital to their growth.


Sterling Data Storage is one of the most secured companies who provides disaster recovery solutions.

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