FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Reliability and Uptime

Does Sterling Data Storage have a second backup copy of all clients’ data in a secondary data center, away from the primary?

Yes, a second backup of the data is stored in a secondary data center (data center redundancy). We are capable of storing a third backup copy of client data if required. As part of the cloud backup service, an onsite copy can be automatically and simultaneously stored on any type of electronic storage device (USB, hard drive, etc.).

Is the backup center equipped with uninterruptible power supply, backup generator and is it located in a safe and secure location?

Yes, the backup center is considered a Tier 4 Data Center, each meeting SSAE 16 Standards.

What is the uptime for the data center?

Expected availability of the data center is 99.995%.

How many clicks does it take before the actual backup is started?

The backup will run automatically for any device connected to the internet. If interrupted, the backup will continue at the point of interruption when a connection is available. Running a manual backup using the client software only requires two clicks of the mouse.

How fast is the data center?

Unlimited band width is available.

How much CPU or disk resources does the backup software use when the backup is running?

Computing resources will not exceed 10% during a backup. Band width can be throttled to suit the backup situation.

Where is the geographic location of the data center?

Data centers are located in Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona.

Is the backup continuous?

The backup can be scheduled to run every 5 minutes if desired.

How fast can files be restored?

Restoration speeds are based on a number of variables including available bandwidth, data size, etc. Internal tests have shown typical files can be restored in a matter of seconds. We encourage users to test the cloud backup service in their backup environment during a free two week trial.

Who are the clients of Sterling Data Storage?

We backup and store all types of data including X-rays, videos, databases and email. Our clients are in all industries including those requiring HIPAA and SOX compliance (doctors, lawyers, financial institutions, manufacturers).

Quality and Accessibility of Technical Support

Is there a toll free phone number I can call?

Yes, 1 (877) 503-6313. We also have online tech support via live chat (sterlingdatastorage.com) and an online help desk ticketing system.

Is technical support available 24/7?

Yes, we have technical and emergency support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the response time for email queries?

No more than 1 hour. Support issues can be sent to support@sterlingdatastorge.com. Sales and billing inquiries can be sent to info@sterlingdatastorage.com .

What is the wait time for phone support?

No more than 5 minutes.


How do you charge for cloud backup service?

Backup is charged on a per GB basis and billed monthly.

Is there a set-up fee?

There are no set-up or upfront fees. Resellers are subject to a branding fee, if desired.

Is the cost per account or per PC?

The cost is per Gb of data. The number of accounts is unlimited. The number of PCs, servers or laptops is unlimited.

How often and how much data are allowed for backup per day or per month?

The amount of data stored is unlimited and there are no quotas.

Is there a no obligation free trial period before I sign up?

Yes, there is a two week free trial.

Can I cancel at any time or am I locked in for a minimum period?

You may cancel anytime by providing 30 day notice of cancellation.

Is there extra cost for telephone technical support?

No, there is no cost for technical support related to the cloud backup program or service.

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