Critical Cloud – Disaster Recovery Backup

Description:Ultra high speed cloud backup system. Leading delta backup for the fastest backup and restore.


Supported Platforms:

  • Workstation and server backup from the same management console Microsoft, Apple, Linux and many other operating systems
  • Open and locked file backup

Backup Location:

  • Triple offsite redundancy and onsite copy
  • Multiple location backup within the same cloud management system
  • Local Sterling Vault to NAS or USB device


  • Encryption system – Native language to Blowfish encryption

Resource Management:

  • Rapid backup and restore with multi-threading and leading delta technology
  • Band width throttling, variable by days of week

Retention and Recovery:

  • 28 day retention of daily backups
  • Bare metal restore to dissimilar equipment (brand new machine) per server backed up. Includes image backup.


  • Remote virtual server to maintain business continuity during a disaster recovery.

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