Data Storage & Recovery System Features

Standards-based Security

• Encrypted data transfer (TLS/SSL)
• Encrypted data storage on server (AES-256 bit)
• Cryptographic data integrity controls (HMAC-SHA-256 bit)
• Access controls and encryption for stored settings
• Secure, unique 2-party pass phrase recovery process (RSA-3072 bit)
• Pass phrase / key cannot be viewed by anyone except the customer
• Pass phrase strength wizard to ensure strong security and enforce policy
• Print / export pass phrase and security questions during setup

Proven Backup Engine

• Block level incremental backups
• Open and locked file support VSS on all other systems
• Windows 7/XP / Vista and Server 2003
• Support for files larger than 4GB
• Initial backup of large data sets to USB disk or portable RAID device
• Network drive support
• Map network drives before a backup begins
• Automatic removal of excluded data previously backed up

Local Backups

• Backups to locally attached storage
• Backups to network attached storage
• Centralized local backups
• Near-zero additional configuration
• Optionally disable encryption for local backups
• Versions stored in local backups

Resilient Network Communication

• Reconnect and resume after connection failures
• Congestion aware flow control of backup bandwidth
• Bandwidth throttling
• Different bandwidth throttling levels for on / off hours
• Pause and resume backup after standby or hibernation

Reliable Scheduling

• Automated, unattended, scheduled backups
• Flexible scheduling options, including multiple backups throughout the day
• Scheduling via the Windows Task Scheduler or via a service
• Ability to wake computer to perform backup
• Automatic initiation of a backup after detection of a missed backup

Attentive Notification and Monitoring System

• Email alerts at start of backup and end of successful backup
• Email alerts at the end of a backup with warnings or errors
• Email alerts when no backup has completed recently
• Email alerts when disk usage changes by more than a given amount
• Email alerts when disk usage is above a given amount
• Single screen display of backup status, backup history, and disk usage
• Disk usage explorer tool for fast discovery of how disk is used per directory
• Detailed audit logs for all backup sessions
• Advanced log viewer for fast error discovery and resolution

Powerful Backup Policies

• Point and click, visual editing of advanced backup policies
• Visualization of exactly which files are included for backup
• Inclusion of files in any location based on wildcard patterns
• Wildcard exclusion and inclusion rules of arbitrary complexity
• Regular expression support for filename matching in policies
• Ability to create common rules that apply to all backup sets
• Default policies include user’s documents and data such as Outlook’s files
• Default policies exclude temporary data for common applications

Robust Versioning System

• Unlimited historical versioning (10 years or longer)
• Customizable preservation of deleted files
• Options for maximum number of days of history preserved
• Options for minimum and maximum number of versions kept
• Customizable version settings for specific file patterns or individual files
• Versions stored using reverse deltas for better data integrity, unlike tape

Broad Application Support

• Hot backup of Microsoft Outlook
• Hot backup of Exchange Server 2003
• Verification of integrity of Exchange database before backup
• Hot backup of SQL Server
• Hot backup of Oracle
• Hot backup of MySQL
• Hot backup of custom server applications
• Custom scripts executing before/after the volume snapshot
• Custom scripts executing before/after the scheduled backup

Fast and Easy Restore Process

• Web-based access to data 24/7
• Wizard-driven restore of one, many, or all files
• Visual selection of data to be restored
• Restore data at any historical point just by specifying the date and time
• Listing and/or restoring of all versions for one particular file

Easy to Use Software

• 5 to 10 minute setup
• Clutter free, intuitive user interface
• Wizard driven processes
• Auto-diagnostics “Help Me!” button when users don’t know what to do
• Compatible with remote desktop and Citrix
• Automatic software updates

Flexible Service Offerings for Budgets of All Sizes

• 14-day free trials for new customers

Enterprise-grade Server Infrastructure

• 99.999% reliability for all core systems
• Tier-3, multi-homed, route-optimized server Internet connections
• Redundant power feeds, on-site generators, and UPS systems
• Redundant Liebert cooling systems
• Multilevel security including biometrics, surveillance, and 24~7 guards

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