As a provider of patient dental care at multiple sites, we require a cost effective, HIPPA compliant and scalable backup and disaster recovery solution. Prior to moving to Sterling Data Storage, we were utilizing another cloud backup system. However, costs escalated and we questioned the value we were receiving. When we installed the Sterling Cloud Backup System, I was immediately impressed with how simple and intuitive the installation was. From a single dashboard I can quickly view the backup status across our entire computer network in six different facilities.

With Sterling’s state-of-the-art “leading delta” technology, backing up several Terabytes on 15 minute intervals has never been an issue and large file retrieval is simple and fast. The technical support at Sterling Data Storage is world class, and I feel like we have found a true partner in protecting our sensitive patient data and managing our practice. I highly recommend Sterling Data Storage to any business looking for a full-featured cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

Ruben Castillo
IT Manager
Sun Orthodontix
El Paso, TX

Sterling Data Storage is our firm’s choice for offsite data backup for two reasons: Performance and Support. We are a public accounting firm so we must retain years of data for our clients and associated firms. So when we back up our data we need to know that all our data is secure, reliably stored, and most importantly, quickly available in the event of trouble.

Sterling Data Storage exceeds our requirements. Our business experienced a near-catastrophic server crash a little over a year ago. We had valid backups so disaster was averted, but that experience showed us how important it is to have a reliable offsite backup system protecting our data. Because Sterling Data Storage meets all our industry’s regulatory requirements, is fast and reliable, and is very competitively priced, it’s the only real choice for small to medium-sized businesses that are serious about protecting their data and having a true disaster recovery solution working for them 24 hours a day.

Craig Capirchio, CPA
Craig C. Capirchio, Ltd

I was using a different online backup provider when my technical support consultant informed me that I was using a product that was two generations behind the technology curve. That’s when I was introduced to Sterling Data Storage. As a professional engaged in an industry governed by many legal compliance regulations, it was imperative that we protect our clients’ data in a secure, encrypted manner, but that is also simple to restore should the need arise. Sterling Data Storage meets all my industry’s legal compliance requirements but without being cumbersome to use and monitor. And the speed with which backups and restores occurs is second to none. As a non-technical person, one of my favorite features is the color-coded, easy-to-read summary E-mails that are sent out by 7:30 AM every day. Those E-mails tell me at a glance that my computers are backed up and whether any errors occurred. It’s a good feeling starting each day knowing that our clients’ data are secure and backed up should something disastrous happen to any of our computers. All this service and performance is delivered to me at a lower price than I was paying with my previous online backup provider.

Anton Janik
Trident Wealth Management

As a technology consultant I have used a number of cloud-based backup solutions in the last decade. The technology has definitely grown and matured in that time. However, the features and performance of the Sterling Data Storage solution is by far the best I have ever used or seen. Starting with the simple, intuitive setup I was able to get comfortable with this backup solution instantly. And the speed of backups and the daily reporting features are second to none. I can tell at a glance via the E-mailed reports or the Management Console what the status is of all my clients’ backups. But when disaster strikes and a client needs backed up files restored, that’s when you know you’re working with a true world class product. The speed of file restores – be it a single file or a complete hard drive restore – is orders of magnitude faster than other products I had been using. Finally, Sterling’s pricing is much more competitive than any other business class cloud-based backup solution I have seen. If you’re serious about cloud-based backup, look no further than Sterling Data Storage.

Bruce Thomas
Thomas & Sons Technical Services
IT Service Provider
Scottsdale, Arizona

We are an advertising agency and generate a lot of large image and video files that are critical to our clients as well as our internal operation. A couple years ago we found Sterling Data Storage on the internet and they have provided excellent customer service and piece of mind for our business. Their pricing is extremely competitive for our type of data and we recommend them to any business who needs data protection and as part of their disaster recovery plan.

Kenneth Crewse, Operations Manager
Halo Effects, LLC
Digital Marketing Agency
Phoenix, AZ

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