The Advantage Of Online Backup Services

Replacing Your Discs With Online Backup Services

Sterling Data Storage Helps With Online Backup ServicesThe old-fashioned paper files in huge metal cabinets were replaced not long ago by discs and thumb drives and now those are also disappearing and being replaced by online backup services. As people and businesses around the world begin to seek and perform more and more services via the Internet, it has become impossible to store all the critical data that they create on physical formats. Fortunately, there are many companies out there, like Sterling Data Storage, that are well-prepared to answer any information storage needs.

Why Would You Need an Online Backup Services

Just as predicted in the 1990s, user-generated content is growing at an exponential rather than an incremental rate. If governments and businesses really wanted to store all that data on discs and other portable memory drives they probably would not be able to do so. The amount of data created by day-to-day operations on the Internet is too much.


However, that fact alone does not prevent you from choosing to store your own data with external memory drives. However, you may have already noticed that the technologies used to store data physically have a short lifetime. The average life of a disc used to store data is just two years. That is just one area in which online backup services outperform all other methods of data storage.

Advantages of an Online Backup Service

The greatest advantage that these services provide is their remote location. Too often, people and businesses store their data externally but then leave these storage devices near the original computer that generated and saved the data. One fire or robbery could eliminate the usefulness of that storage method. By remotely storing the data, users can rest easy knowing that there will always be an extra copy of their data available somewhere.


Other advantages to this data storage technique include the unlimited amount of space available, the minimal need for user intervention and the automated nature of the backup process. You can choose how much you want to manage the processes involved in this.

Disadvantages of Online Backup Services

The crucial disadvantage to online backup services is the need to let someone have so much access to your files. That is why Sterling Data Storage is the real solution to your problems. You can trust Sterling to maintain security while they safeguard your data.


Call and ask Sterling Data Storage about the wide variety of services that we offer with remote backup services and find out how easy it is to save everything that you might need.

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