SMB Cloud
Since SMB Cloud was introduced in 2011, it has been turning cloud backup skeptics into believers. With lightning fast backup and recovery speeds, minimal resource usage and world class security, SMB Cloud automates storage and retrieval of large data sets in any IT environment. At the heart of the SMB Cloud backup engine is leading delta technology which searches for changes at the file and block level to rapidly backup and restore large data sets. This breakthrough allows SMB Cloud to replace unreliable tapes, disks and USB drives to backup your business.

Big Cloud
Remote archiving and long-term backup of big data (more than two Terabytes) is a fast growing problem for companies who once relied on tape storage or even paper document storage to meet compliance requirements or exercise safe business practices. Big Cloud is an affordable automated file backup and recovery system for electronic data that is not mission critical but required to be encrypted and stored offsite. A local onsite backup can also be created to a NAS or USB device for redundancy to meet HIPPA, SOX, FINRA and legal requirements. Retrieving single files from the user interface is fast and easy through a management counsel capable of managing multiple server backups from a single interface.

Neo Cloud
As Sterling’s flagship product, Neo Cloud is a full-featured cloud backup and disaster recovery solution that meets the most stringent compliance and business continuity requirements. Speed, security and simplicity are coupled with triple redundancy and bare metal restore features to eliminate the need for expensive appliances and complex software. Neo Cloud is a breath of fresh air for IT Directors and Consultants who have been searching for an end to end solution without the typical upfront software license fees and hardware costs.

Classic Cloud
Don’t let the name fool you, the Classic Cloud backup solution has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from Sterling Data Storage but has the unique ability of backing up legacy programs and operating systems such as Windows XP and Server2000. The Classic Cloud was born out of the need to service the aging infrastructure of businesses while providing best in class security, business continuity and disaster recovery. For many implementations, Classic Cloud is coupled with other Sterling products to address the needs of the overall IT environment.

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