Archive Cloud – Server only system; Archive Data Storage

High speed cloud backup and restore system for large amounts of data (2Tb and up).


Supported Platforms:

  • Server systems backup from Microsoft, Linux, VMs, Linus, Mac, Solaris and many other operating systems

Backup Location:

  • Offsite and onsite backup destinations
  • Multiple location backup within the same cloud management system
  • Local Sterling Vault to NAS or USB device


  • Encryption system – encrypted before transport, 448 bit encryption, 128 bit communication encryption, remote laptop tracking

Maintenance and Reporting:

  • Automatic upgrades pushed by Server administrator
  • 100% remote administration and updates
  • Email alerts and reports

Resource Management:

  • Byte differential transmits and stores only new data, multi-core and multi-threaded
  • Unlimited file size, versions and archives
  • Client server/binary protocol, bandwidth limits and idle job scheduling, 64-bit native, multi-core and multi-threaded
  • User defined Agent throttling (CPU and bandwidth)

Retention and Recovery:

  • Continuous or scheduled backups
  • Incremental versioning, Unlimited versioning
  • Multiple file stream/fork support
  • Recover any date, time or version with direct attach or internet


  • Onsite vault storage systems
  • Remote Private Cloud vault storage system

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