What is Data Backup?

If you have ever lost important computer data due to a hard drive malfunction or other calamity, then you can understand the benefits of having your data stored where you can get to it at any time, from any computer. If not, then you are one of a very lucky few, as nearly every computer user can expect to lose data at some point.


Data Backup Provided by Sterling Data StorageData backup is the solution to the extremely common data loss problem. It stores your data on remote servers online, so that even if your hard copy is destroyed, you can still access all of your important information. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.


If this is new concept for you, you may be concerned about the security of your information. After all, we have all been told that when you put something on the Internet, anyone can see it. Online backup is different, however. During transfer, your files are encrypted using the same technology that banks use for security. Once they reach the data center, they are re-encrypted to double that security, and then reproduced so that even if something were to happen to the data center, your files will be safely stored and well encrypted in another data center.

Is Online Data Backup More Effective than Tape Backup?

Tape backup, essentially, is a backup method that involves copying data onto another tape or disk. The main problem with this is that the tape backup can easily be destroyed in some instances. Tape backup can also be costly, particularly if you are storing a large quantity of data, and recovery time in the event of a disaster is extremely slow.


Online data backup, on the other hand, is typically much cheaper than tape backup. You are merely purchasing a program, while the price of tape backup includes the tapes or disks, transportation to and from facilities, customer support, and maintenance staff. Online backup essentially cuts out these middle men because all transactions occur in the technical realm.

Remote Data Backup Solutions

Sterling Data Storage is one of many data backup programs with a security guarantee. Their remote data backup solution has kept thousands of user files safe and secure, and normally have a recovery time of only one or two days. This can be vital time saved if you are a business owner or head of a company.


Sterling is unique in their approach to online backup by offering a system of local and remote data storage. The data is stored first locally, to allow quick recovery times, then remotely, to ensure the safety of your data should the local storage location experience a data disaster. This system is comfortable for personal data storage, and ideal for businesses with a large amount of complex data.


If you have never considered using data backup services, you may not know the security and peace of mind that you are missing out on.

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