Protecting Your Data

Sterling Data Storage has always been a solution for multiple corporate partners. As such, it has always been important to make sure that the data stored in backed-up form remains encrypted. While there are many forms of data protection available, Sterling focuses on three major areas―standard data encryption, network security and basic logging and password systems. This helps users to remain confident in the knowledge that their data will remain safe no matter what the situation.

Standard Data Encryption for Backups

Some companies tout data encryption as a feature, but Sterling knows that encryption should be a standard part of any system. Every backup client is installed with an encrypted password that is stored and encrypted only on the client. This means that the data on the client cannot be read by unauthorized users, and that only those who are meant to access the system can go on with their work. Most systems are encrypted with 128-bit AES, but there are other, more powerful standards available for clients. All data transportation is done in an encrypted form, allowing users to remain safe in the knowledge that their data is protected.

Network Security Provides Extra Safety

Data encryption is incredibly important, of course, but that does not mean that every other means of security can or should be ignored. Sterling Data Storage still takes the step of making use of standard SSL security on its network layers. While this sort of security might be standard across the industry, it is still an important line of defense against those who might try to damage your system. While many may think that certain, more sophisticated methods are all that are needed to protect a system, it is always important to remember the necessity of using these basic types of security.

Logging, Passwords and Auditing

Data Protection from Sterling Data StorageBasic data protection is often the most important. The backup manager and management console both feature basic protection through the use of user names and passwords, helping to keep unauthorized users out at the source. The management console itself features multiple authorization and access levels, allowing users to access the program at multiple levels of usage. Combined with the fact that all changes on the system are logged, this allows supervisors to easily log and audit any alterations to the system.


If you want to store your data, make sure you do so in a safe manner. Encryption, passwords and network security are all important parts of the process. Always put your trust in a company like Sterling Data Storage that uses all three.

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