Sterling Data Restore With True Delta

Data restoration is usually a lengthy task. It often takes hours, if not longer. This means that time is lost while data is restored, and productivity always takes a nosedive. Fortunately, there is a solution for those who need something that is a bit faster. Sterling Data Storage true data restore allows clients to restore their data in mere minutes, allowing them to get back up and running quickly. This also helps to reduce the cost of backup management while making your data more availabile and the entire process is far more user-friendly than ever before.

Learning About Data Blocks

Most data restore activities require the restoration of single or small files. The issues caused are usually through the fault of human error, and the data usually stays in place in a corrupted version. The Delta Restore feature checks the original data location to find active data blocks, complementing and combining these data blocks with the pristine versions on the backup servers. Once everything is complete through a process that users can observe, the backup process will be done. This helps to quickly restore larger databases, especially when these systems have been corrupted or need to be rolled back to a previous version.

Data Restore Virtual Drive

Data Restore provided by Sterling Data StorageCombining True Delta with the Storage Virtual Drive allows clients the best chance ever to restore Microsoft Exchange data. Whether you are looking for a solution that is small-scale or large, you should be able to find a way to do so efficiently through this process. While data restore activities are never something that a business owner wants to undertake, finding a way to do so quickly is the best way to keep your business running. Even if you only have a small amount of data to manage, this system will let you do so in the most business-friendly way possible. Whether you need to make sure that you are always protected or you simply want the peace of mind that is created by a transparent and user-friendly process.


Sterling Data Storage’s system will allow you to continue operating your business without having to worry about the possibility of dealing with catastrophic data management.

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