Information Safety & Data Security

Data Security is one of our most important objectives at Sterling Data Storage. We use security as a guiding principle in each stage of our operations, and we are constantly working hard to improve our security measures and techniques. Unfortunately, the tech world is full of security threats, but Sterling Data Storage is tirelessly working to keep you and your data safe from those threats.


At Sterling Data Storage, we have professionals on our staff who are exclusively devoted to our security needs. They take all of the necessary steps to ensure that our data storage company is able to meet current standards regarding the security of our software and storage applications.

Data Security Professionals At Sterling Data Storage

Sterling Data Storage will Protect Information with Data SecurityCISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, and to earn this designation, individuals must take the certification classes offered through the ICS, which is the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. The ISC is the global leader in the education and the certification of data security professionals. Their mission is to improve the overall safety of the world’s people and its economies by protecting the fragile data of the world’s industrialized and emerging nations. These nations have information-dependent governments and economies, and they must be protected by data security measures. The ISC is always working to improve these measures by the right education and certification of certain professionals.


To earn their CISSP certification, our professionals had to study a special CISSP curriculum. That curriculum focused on diverse subjects that are all related to information, data, and security topics. Subjects of the CISSP include the following:


– Means of Controlling Access
– The Protection of Telecommunications and Networks
– The Governing and Risk Management Strategies of Data Security
– Secure methods of developing software
– Cryptography
– Security Related to Designing Programs
– Recovering, Planning, and Continuing Business after Disasters
– Legalities, Regulations, and Compliance Issues

Completion Of Data Security Curriculum

Once students have completed the advanced curriculum, they take a CISSP exam, which is based on what the ISC refers to as the Common Body of Knowledge or CBK. When asked to define the CISSP CBK, the ISC calls it a group of subjects that is relevant to data security professionals from all corners of the globe. Thanks to this shared designation, information security professional can research and solve problems together that related to information security issues.


Sterling Data Storage is part of the international data security community, and as such, they are always adding to their ability to store data securely.

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