True Offsite & Remote Backup

Sterling Data Storage offers Offsite Backup Storage ServicesOffsite backup storage offers clear advantages over other methods of protecting your data for two major reasons. Using digital formats for storage keeps data from degrading over time. Spreadsheets, word processing files, photos, and videos keep their original quality. The second benefit applies to security. Most people store their backup disks near their computers, so fires or natural disasters could destroy both data sources in a few minutes.


Affordable, efficient offsite backup storage services make it easy to restore small information losses or reboot complete systems. Many storage companies offer their clients only two choices: all or nothing. Writing 100% of your data to offsite backup storage facilities each day makes no logistical sense. Wasting the time to restore entire systems to gain one day’s information proves time-consuming.

Techniques Of Offsite Backup

Sterling Data Storage online backup uses the newest offsite backup technology, which treats each new day’s accumulation of data as delta or change. The storage requirements for a single day’s output often run from 0.1% to 0.5%. Saving only the changes uses up to 95% less storage capacity than saving everything each day, a critical advantage when IT professionals consider how fast data storage needs are growing.


The advanced Sterling Data Storage technique searches edited files efficiently, including only file changes. Restoration software easily matches changes to the right files, so you can restore your lost data quickly without resetting hundreds of parameters just to recover one essential file. The Sterling Data Storage system uses advanced incremental technology, only processing new changes to save time, money, and storage capacity.

Capacity Of Offsite Data Backup Storage

Offsite data backup allows clients access to their data from any location, and Sterling Data Storage online software can restore files without affecting other operations or system users. Companies can send large amounts of data very quickly, and they need less IP bandwidth to do so.


Standard compression applies to the first backup, and all new data gets stored at 100% capacity. Utilizing this efficient technique, your company could lower its storage capacity needs by 99.5% to 99.9%. Online storage options offer permanent solutions for companies and people who need to store critical data securely.

Securing Your Information With Offsite Backup Services

Thumb drives and disks prove trustworthy for only two or three years. Efficient Internet storage solutions offer security, accessibility, and scalability to handle increasingly sophisticated storage needs. Storing your backup materials at Sterling Data Storage allows you to reach your data from mobile devices, remote locations, homes, and office settings.


User-generated content of online marketing and social-interaction applications has increased the amount of data people need to store at exponential rates. Offsite backup gives you safe and secure storage options, and Sterling Data Storage techniques cut costs and uploading and downloading times, increasing storage capacity by nearly 10,000%.


Sterling Data Storage offers the newest technology in offsite backup software today.

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