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Sterling Data Storage will provide Online Backup ServicesWhat does your company need for its online backup services? Perhaps you have found that your existing provider is unable to provide the quality or quantity of storage your business requires. Perhaps the rate of backing up is not as fast as you would hope because of file size, or because you market your services towards small customers with only a few dozen gigabytes of space. The Sterling Data Storage True Delta Discovery can be the cure to your backup and restoration IT problems, providing solutions for over a dozen of the most common online backup problems, including the following:



  • Increasing the time for backup when the server must navigate through lots of small files or several large files.
  • The chances a backup may fail if the window is too small for all the data or if the connection drops out.
  • Being able to sort through permanent and temporary files and the threat of burning out a loading system.
  • Failure to copy and replicate your information.
  • High performance backup that can handle hundreds of millions of files.
  • Failure to duplicate data.
  • Burning up time (more than five to ten minutes) on the daily backup.
  • Utilizing too many connection resources to get the backup done in its trim window.
  • Purchasing third-party software in order to increase efficiency or prevent system failures.
  • Call after call and email after email to your Online Backup Services’ support center in order to solve problems that never should have arisen in the first place.

Online Backup Procedures

Sterling Data Storage can find twenty thousand unique files in the span of only five and a half minutes where a company would typically require over two million files to be transferred over a much longer span of time during its daily backup procedure. No matter what size business you have, no matter how many files you need stored, no matter what content the server holds, the True Delta Discovery will reduce waste and sluggish performance for your IT online backup services.


Having a online backup service in place to protect your clients valuable information is key for data recovery. At Sterling Data Storage we have the technology to provide your company with reliable backup services.

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