Sterling Data’s Online Backup Storage

One of the major problems with most storage solutions is the fact that it is limited. Sterling Data Storage’s system, however, is practically limitless. One can start with a high level of capacity or work up to a higher level as needed, allowing users to get the backups that they need for a price that they can afford. By using industry standard parts and focusing on data reduction on the client side, Sterling Data can provide online backup storage that will work for almost any business.

Data Reduction on the Client Side

Sterling stands out from the crowd by using True Delta data reduction for its online backup storage. This allows all of the relevant data support processing and work to be done on the client side, eliminating performance bottlenecks and central processing limiting growth. This allows most clients to operate without any sort of performance issue, as every client who has been added to the system actually helps to add processing power to the overall group. If you need to be sure that you can access the data that you need at a speed that you can live with, there is simply no better choice on the market.

An Industry Standard

Sterling Data Storage provides Online Backup StorageSterling Data works with the same storage devices that are standard across the industry. This means that the equipment is not only proven to work, but also to exceed the expectations of most customers. The company is able to work in compliance with almost any storage solution that is currently on the market. Given that a single server with the right kind of storage can work with installations at the terabyte size, most standard clients can find their needs met. For those larger clients, there are even machines able to handle loads up to several petabytes. There simply is no job that is too big for Sterling Data Storage’s online backup system.


If you want to use a backup system, make sure that it will work for you. You should never settle for less than the best. If you need the best solution on the market, you should turn to Sterling Data Storage.

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