Online Backup By Sterling Data Storage

The state-of-the-art online backup technology presented by Sterling Data Storage backup allows online data restoration and backup from any Internet connection. Because broadband Internet access is now available at affordable rates, it is currently used extensively by consumers and small businesses. In many cases, the data that is stored is critical because it has monetary value for businesses or sentimental worth to consumers. Both of these targeted groups have a requirement to obtain appropriate backup of their valuable data.

Sterling Data Storage Provides Online Backup Solutions

The backup solutions we provide began as a result of some very basic principles: the loss of data is not acceptable, a backup solution should grow in concert with the amount of data stored and a backup needs to be available constantly to ensure rapid recovery of data. The final key to an effective backup is to ensure that the restore time is very short to minimize any periods of down time.


Three essential components also exist, and they are characteristic of the effective solution for online backup: data de-duplication efficiency, cost effectiveness and a high level of scalability. In practice, the reality is that the amount of a particular company’s data changes only by 0.1% to 0.5% each day.

Online Data Backup Technology

Online Backup Services Provided by Sterling Data StorageThe advanced technology for reducing data provided by Sterling helps to ensure that only these tiny daily alterations need processing to produce a full backup of the entirety of your data each day, or even multiple times throughout a day. This efficient and quick reduction of data gives the ability to transmit the backup to a separate location, remotely. In other words, it is sent to a secure data center. This is done automatically through a xDLS connection to the Internet.


The reconnection mechanism from Sterling is a distinctive function. Some other products might give an error message, but the software solution from Sterling Data Storage continues to operate, even if your computer is forced to switch to a different network. This is an essential function if you are searching for a reliable backup. Thus, the duplication of data, a high scalability level and effectiveness of cost were precisely the three most significant variables when designing the online backup software of Sterling. These continue to be the most essential reasons to opt for Sterling Data Storage.

Remote Backup Services

The answer for backing up all of your data daily is Backup for Enterprises from Sterling Data Storage. Obviously, you want to move your back up in an automatic fashion to a remote site while retaining the ability to restore data by simply clicking your mouse. When you use remote backup from Sterling Data Storage, there are no limits on your volume of data, the number of files or even the size of your files.


The solution offered by Sterling Data Storage simply does its job while making successful backups each day of the year.

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