Sterling Data Storage Management Console

There is more to online backup solutions than simple data storage. You may want to see the data you have stored, and manage your clients’ information in the easiest manner for you and you have every right to do so. The Sterling Data Storage Management Console makes this not only possible, but easy. With on-demand remote backup status availability, remote command and control, and multi-user access, the Management Console strengthens your authority and control when it comes to managing your different backups.

Backup Status at a Glance

Sterling Data Storage has designed their remote backup program so that you can see all of your important information with just the click of a button. You can easily sort your data in a system that works for your business, and still be able to take advantage of Sterling’s excellent data management solution. This way, you can manage as many client backups as you need to without running around a circus ring to find what you need. The Management Console provides users with easy access to every bit of information.

Remote Backup Command and Control

Remote Backup Services from Sterling Data StorageRemote command is a necessity for people managing thousands of data backups. This Console allows remote command of all your information and data, so even though different backups may be stored in different local data centers, you can change or adjust multiple backups from one central location. In fact, you can manage different settings for every backup at once.


The remote control option is another necessity. This allows you to start the user interface of a remote data backup from a remote location, giving you the same amount of control you would have if you were logged on locally. This function allows for maximum control of your clients’ data.

Remote Backup Management Console

Sterling’s remote backup console has a multi-user feature, which allows the program to be distributed to a number of different managers. Different managers can have different access limitations; for example, access to a certain subset of clients may be limited or restricted for certain managers, or specific management functions can be denied. The Management Console also makes an audit trail of the activities of different managers available.


Our remote backup solutions will help with your business or your client’s business to help protect valuable information that can possibly be lost and never retrieved.

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