Remote Data Backup

Remote Data Backup

Remote Data Backup Solutions Offered By Sterling Data StroageAs companies rely more on the Internet to do their business and manage information from accounting to tracking orders, it is becoming increasingly important to have a remote data backup in place. Data loss is a serious problem which results in millions of dollars in lost revenue per year. For this reason, remote data backup systems are becoming hugely popular as a fail-safe measure for worst case scenarios.

How Remote Data Backup Systems Can Work For You

Remote data backup systems allow companies to backup their data through the Internet to a separate location. This is advantageous for numerous reasons as the risk of losing valuable information is quite high as anything from floods or earthquakes can damage local backups.


Another advantage is that once these systems are setup they are automatic which means that backups occur at set schedules. Remote data backup systems also do not require user intervention which means that there is no complicated system for employees to follow to get it working.


For companies that work with confidential information, keeping the data out of the wrong hands is a high priority as legal issues can ensue. Choosing a system that encrypts data before being transferred ensures that the files remain secure and encrypted in data centers.

Never Miss A Deadline With Remote Data Backup

Backup systems offered by Sterling Data Storage are the perfect solution to protecting yourself from computer failure. Having a strong backup system in place has never been more important with so much uncertainty that can potentially result in missed deadlines and huge monetary losses.


In the event of data loss, all that is required is to do a system restore to the most recent backup so you never have to worry about losing hours of valuable time. Getting such systems in place can be quite a challenge especially in figuring out how to store, encrypt and manage data.


Fortunately, this is something that Sterling Data Storage takes care of as we provide professional online backup services so that you can focus on growing your business while leaving the backup side of things to us.

Remote Data Backup Solutions Available

Sterling Data Storage understands the importance of secure remote data backup systems which is why the company ensures that all information is safeguarded on enterprise grade disks. Even in the rare event of disk failure, your data will still be available on other disk drives for retrieval.



Information security is becoming increasingly important and needs to be a top priority for all companies that rely on the Internet for their business. Learn more about our remote data backup services and what we offer by contacting a service representative.

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