Business Data Storage: What Every Owner Should Know

Sterling Data Storage offering Business Data StorageSensitive and critical electronic information is an important part of any business and protecting your company and client information starts with the right business data storage solution. The type of data and size of the data being storage will dictate which business data storage providers can effectively store, automatically update and restore your data. Interruption in data access or the inability to restore data quickly can result in lost revenues and negative reputation of your company.

The digital age has forced businesses to rethink critical insurance policies and take the necessary steps to protect their sensitive data. Protection is necessary for clients to feel safe and ensure future loyalty. Consequences of data loss can be devastating and far-reaching for clients who are vulnerable. The consequences of business data loss can not only affect the client but can also be devastating for the business as well.

Protecting Valuable Information With Business Data Storage

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Suprisingly, most businesses are still storing data on CDs, tape drives, flash drives and portable laptops. These methods are not only outdated as soon as the device leaves the facility but also have a 60% of failure when data is retrieved. Just making a decision to have your business data storage protected isn’t enough. It has to be the right method. Find a company offering electronic data storage and one who specializes in business data storage. Look for features such as automated backup software, double encryption and scalable storage space. The space required to store business data is significant and state-of-the-art equipment and software is necessary for business grade backup and retrieval.
Because backup should be scheduled and performed on a daily basis, the provider should have a software program that minimizes computer and internet operating bandwidth. Preventing the loss of data is just as important as recovering data quickly. Even with all the measurable steps of prevention in place, data loss can still occur. Natural disasters such as floods, storms or earthquakes bring devastation of facilities and hardware. Quick recovery of your data is only possible if the data has been stored in an off-site location and recovery software is available to reload a replacement machine at the place of business. Loss of business continuity can be restored with minimal loss if the righ disaster recovery plan is in place.

Choosing A Business Data Storage Provider

When choosing a business data storage provider, it is important to know where your data is being stored. Sterling Data has state of the art data centers that protect sensitive data on several levels. Off-site computer servers storing your data are a part of the protection plan. A recovery plan built into the servers holding your data extend protection to the next level. The encryption method used to protect business information is military-grade and compliant with medical, legal and financial industries. Each user has individual access codes. This means access to sensitive data is well protected.
Recovery is accelerated using local backup servers that have redundant storage kept offsite. So in the case of a hardware failure or viral attack, local machines can be up and running again in a matter of minutes (based on the speed of the LAN). Sterling Data Storage provides the hardware, software applications and disaster recovery plan all in one.

About Sterling Data Storage: Business Data Storage is a service provided by Sterling Data Storage. We provide all aspects of data storage and recovery for any sized business. Call (877) 503-6313 for a free estimate.