What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is becoming the most cost effective way to do business in the modern world. The process has a fancy name, but it is actually quite simple. Rather than making use of on-site hardware and software, the user instead makes use of resources in a remote location through the use of a network. Resources on the cloud are becoming increasingly important to IT departments across the world, as they help businesses to reduce operating costs and reduce the equipment repair workload for IT professionals. Understanding the usefulness of cloud backup services can help a business stay on the cutting edge of protecting itself from data loss and unexpected business interruptions.

Meeting Compliance Requirements in the Cloud

Utilizing a cloud backup service is an important part of electronic data protection and a component of comprehensive disaster recovery plans. Data backup, as you might expect, is the process of keeping of undamaged and uninfected copies of data available in case of a data breach or hardware failure. This sort of safety is not only good for business, but it is also required by a number of major organizations and might even be a legal requirement for your business. Whether you need to protect your IP, comply with the Bar Association or stay in compliance with HIPPA, cloud backup is important to ensure your client data is compliant and protected.

Choosing a Cloud Storage Service Provider

Of course, backing up your data always brings about the choice of doing it yourself versus having someone else do the work. While it is entirely possible for a business to back up their data, it can be incredibly difficult. First and foremost, it requires the infrastructure to do so — and that, unfortunately, requires a significant capital investment. Even if your company has the capital, it might not have the knowledge—backing up data in a reliable way does require a great deal of specific knowledge, and training a new staff member to conduct that aspect of business can be problematic and expensive. There is also the simple question of software. Not all software solutions are created equally and choosing the wrong programs can set your company back years. Instead, a shorter path to success is to let a provider dedicated to electronic data storage and cloud backup provide the service for you.

The Bottom Line

If you turn towards an outside source for your cloud data storage there are some basic criteria to identify when investigating a potential service provider. Not every company can provide all of the tools necessary based on your IT environment. More than anything, your goal should be to find a company that has the right degree of security. Your data needs to be protected while it is transmitted, and encrypted while it is on the server. Even past that, it needs to be available when you need it. That means having your data restored rapidly when you need it, and having things transferred in backed up in a way that does not put a drain on your resources. The business should also keep your real costs in mind and that means no expensive software licenses and no up-front capital fees for hardware that you cannot afford.

Why Sterling Data Storage Cloud Backup Service?

So, who should you turn to? There are many companies in the electronic data storage marketplace, each with their own niche. Companies like Vembu and Centurylink are fairly well known in the online backup business, and there are dozens of others that can satisfy the needs of various business owners. If you are looking for a management service with a particular bent towards servicing small and medium businesses, Sterling Data Storage (https://sterlingdatastorage.com) provides reliable service at a reasonable cost, and can allow even small businesses a chance to experience the same degree of safety as their larger or more established competitors. If you need the best in data protection and cloud services, you should contact Sterling Data Storage for a free price estimate.