Data Back Up Services

Sterling Data Storage Provides Data Backup ServicesComputers contain very valuable information.  People use them for personal writing, finance information, planners, and to do business.  All of those files are usually saved on the hard drive of the computer, which is the most convenient place to save large amounts of information. This is fine, as long as nothing happens to the computer.  If a crash occurs, or if the hard drive gets physically damaged from moisture or something of that nature, then all of those important files will be lost.  When this happens, it can be impossible to recover the lost information.  Keeping a backup of everything is a great idea, but this presents another problem in and of itself.  Using an external storage system can be susceptible to the same problems as the hard drive, or can even be misplaced or stolen.  Using online data backup services is the best way to go.  This way, all information is saved to a website, where it can be accessed by any computer at anytime, and won’t be lost to physical damage.
Online data backup services can provide great security for valuable documents.  The ability to save large amounts of data to one place makes accessing it easy when it is needed.  There is no need to keep track of an external device, such as CD’s or hard drive’s, as they are saved on a remote server.  When a crash does occur, it is a simple matter of downloading the information to a different computer, and nothing will be lost.
These types of data backup services are inexpensive, also.  While some devices can be several hundreds of dollars to purchase, using an online service can be as cheap as just a few dollars a month.  This means that peace of mind and the ability to recover lost or stolen information can be done inexpensively each year for a very convenient service.
Data backup services are easy to use. All documents are password protected and encrypted, meaning that there is no chance of an outside party accessing documents without authorization. Just a few keystrokes are all that are necessary to save files online, and they are just as easy to retrieve from any location.  Saving files won’t shut down the computer, either.  Other programs can be accessed and run while the files are being put on the server, with little lag time and no lost productivity or time.
Saving and protecting files is an important part of owning a computer.  Losing files to damage, crashes or theft can be devastating, as a lot of important documentation can be lost with no warning.  Having a backup for everything that is lost, can mean that no time is lost trying to recover lost files.  Using data backup services to save everything to a remote server is safe, as no one will have access other than the owner. It is easy to use with just a few clicks needed to save files and is inexpensive.