Data Backup Storage

Data Backup Storage Facility At Sterling Data StorageData backup storage is extremely important for any business enterprise or government establishment. Information systems and critical data are the most vital components for the smooth functioning of almost any activity in this modern age. Loss of data can have catastrophic outcomes, for any sized business or organization. However, many people do not invest adequately in measures that can save their precious data.

Severity Of Data Backup Storage

If you are thinking that data loss is quite rare then these statistics provided by DataLossDB  will prove otherwise. In 2011, out of the total data loss, 53% of this loss was suffered by business organizations, 11% was by educational institutions, 20% in medical establishments and 16% was lost by Government institutions. As we can see, the most affected was the business sector.
Data backup storage becomes even more relevant when you consider the studies conducted by David M. Smith. According to him, there are different causes for loss of data. 40% of data loss is due to hardware failure, 29% occurs due to human error, 13% is because of software corruption, 6% from virus attacks, 9% of data is stolen, and 3% of data is lost due to physical destruction of hardware because of fire or natural calamities.

Approximate Value Using Data Backup Storage

It is not possible to know the exact value of every type of data lost, but a fair estimate would suggest that US businesses suffered a staggering loss of $18.2 billion in 2000 alone. The incidents of data loss have increased since then, and hence the cost would be much higher now.
Advancing technology is providing better protection from virus attacks, and specialists are able to recover quite a bit of data from hardware failures. However, the amount of data is growing exponentially each year. In addition, what actually matters is the importance of the data that is lost, and not the amount. Even 1MB of mission critical data can be worth millions to a business. Hence, data backup storage solutions are the only way for protecting your business from possible losses.

Recommended Data Backup Storage

Archiving of old data is important for any business due to certain legal formalities and expected accounting procedures. Such data is usually copied to storage media like CDs or tapes and stored in an appropriate location. For all other data, there should be a backup system in place, so that any lost data can be recovered at any time.
Sterling Data Storage provides many data backup storage solutions for all sizes of businesses and organizations. We have state of the art facility, which is professionally managed, for storing all types of media. There is proper security in place, and access is protected by passwords, and allowed to specific personnel.

For data backup storage, we have the best online solution, with real-time backup and encryption, which provides immediate access to your data from any internet connection with a password.