Data Storage Companies

Data storage companies like Sterling Data Storage provide needed remote backup and restore services to business computers and IT infrastructure. The ability to store documents, invoices, marketing media and other important business files on servers located outside of the coporate facilities appeals to many IT directors who are worried about losing important information stored on their business machines.
Data Storage Companies like Sterling Data StorageData loss is more common than most people think and trying to protect the business from the inside is a daunting and almost impossible task. Security threats are ever-changing and employees are the biggest threat to the vulnerability of internal network security and potential data theft. Hackers are continually exploiting application vulnerabilities and sending phishing emails to employees who are eager to click on executable files that can wreak havoc where data is stored.
Local encryption can make data theft a benign occurrence, however, compromised machines have to be quarantined and the business could suffer a major outage. Keeping your data with an outside data storage company can prevent downtime and important documents can be retrieved over the internet for a speedy recovery. Using tape storage, flash drives or even sending laptops home with employees is an unreliable way to keeping data onsite and offsite. Companies practicing these type of data storage techniques will be in for a surprise when they go to retrieve their files and they have been lost, stolen or corrupted. For this reason, it is highly recommended data storage companies are utilized for remote data storage and recovery.

Data Storage Companies Offering Data Protection

The main concern for business owners is having their clients information or identity stolen. Many businesses store client personal and business information on servers or on local computers. The information can include contact information, social security numbers, EIN numbers, medical records, legal records and other sensitive information that could be used maliciously in the wrong hands. Sensitive data should be archived in a secure location and encrypted to prevent use of the data in the event security is compromised. When interviewing data storage companies, be sure to ask questions about the level of security offered by their data vaulting system. Some companies boast about the security measures they take to protect their clients, when, in fact, the measures lack modern technological methods. Best in class Data Storage Companies provide a data center with bio metric access and other security fail-safes.
Customers should never assume the company they choose for data storage provide advanced levels of encryption because this is not always the case. Database servers that can be accessed online, including financial institutions, provide different types of security measures for their visitors, and the same practices apply to businesses that specialize in data storage for their clients.

Choosing Data Storage Companies In Your Area

When selecting a data storage provider, the process should be conducted much like an interview. Many data storage companies are not specialists and don’t have the depth of experience required to keep up with the ever changing IT landscape. So their experience in your related industry is important to understand, especially when it comes to the question of regulatory compliance.
Some data storage companies are actually software providers and only provide a product to enterprise level businesses, not a turn-key service. It is important, depending on the size of your company to determine if the proposed solution will match the level of IT support inside your company. Typically, the smaller the company, the more turn-key and automated your data backup service will need to be. Finding a company that services both small and large businesses with immediate backup and restoration techniques will ensure they can scale with the growing data needs of your business. When time is of the essence, this distinction is an easy one to make and can prevent a lot of wasted time contacting the wrong type of data storage companies.

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