Data Storage Services

Data Storage Services Provieded By Sterling Data StorageWith the ever growing reliance on data, it is important to have a well-planned data storage services on hand. Businesses have crucial information stored on computers these days; this information can be of sensitive nature, which, when lost, can be devastating for the company in question. You need to have a strategy when it comes to backing up and storing your data. There are many services providers in the market, but they do not offer all the features you may need.

Data Storage Services Is Very Important states that email archival is of extreme importance to enterprises that wish to succeed. There are a range of business and technological issues that need to be dealt with when it comes to archiving email. Electronic discovery is vital when it comes to litigation issues; it also saves time and money when email is properly archived. It is expensive for IT departments to run requests for email retrieval. Cost is not the only concern, though, as these issues tend to be time-sensitive.
Sterling Data Storage offers full mailbox restore, among other data storage services, enabling your business to retrieve emails quickly and efficiently. You also do not have to put up with lost emails either, thus saving you from thorny legal and regulatory issues.

Encryption And Compression Data Storage Services

Due to the sensitive nature of data storage services in today’s competitive world, information security is a topmost priority for companies. As Computer Technology review puts it, there is a complex challenge involved in properly encrypting data so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. The major concern is that it is very expensive in terms of CPU usage. Compression is an issue as well – it is very CPU-intensive and requires a lot of planning to be done before being implemented.
Sterling Data Storage offers excellent encryption, so you do not need to worry about any information security issues. We also have excellent compression for file storage, saving you disk space. On top of all this, we offer CPU and bandwidth throttling, which means you do not have to worry about additional expenses for CPU or processing power.
Data storage services does not need to be complicated. Security is of utmost importance at Sterling Data Storage; we also offer excellent email archival options. Encryption and compression are two issues you do not have to contend with – we take care of the rest.

Finally, you do not have to keep CPU or bandwidth issues in mind either, relieving you and your IT department to focus on more important tasks. Sterling Data Storage offers some of the most premier data storage services from small to fortune 500 companies.