Data Storage Solution

Data Storage Solution Sold By Starling Data StorageDo you ever wonder why it is called a data storage solution? Where there is a need for a solution, there is a problem that requires solving, and you have a problem. You might think that your online business endeavor is going smoothly, but you have problems that you need to address before they turn into liabilities. These problems are solved through Sterling Data Storage services.

Data Storage Solution Solves The Problem Of Security

Your website might have the “HTTPS” in its URL and your business infrastructure and systems might appear stable and secure, but because your entire operation relies on the data you handle remaining secure, it is wise to invest in data storage solution security. Saving important data to secure remote storage ensures that there is always a duplicate copy of everything.
You handle business process data and client information and other levels of sensitive and vital information that if lost or stolen translates to big losses to your business. This is your problem of security.

Solve the Problem of Efficiency With Data Storage Solution

Are your personnel spending too much time making backups of important data and files and cleaning up after themselves to ensure data hygiene? Time spent is money spent, or in the case of your business, money not earned. Maximizing the time of your staff for revenue-generating tasks is essential.
Using Sterling Data Storage services you not only make backing up your data simple and easy, you also ensure adequate data hygiene that keeps your data spotless and free of corruption. This is the data storage solution to your problem of efficiency.

Data Storage Solution Helps Recovery Time

Finally, the core reason of any backup or storage service is to ensure that in the case of data disasters, you can easily recover any data required to continue with your business. Disaster recovery is the crux of the concern, and the final problem that requires a solution. Disasters not only cost data, but also downtime and work spent recovering data.
Disasters do not happen often, though – or do they? Natural disasters that can damage your infrastructure and even wipe out your physical backups do not occur often, but human error and technical difficulties that can corrupt or erase data can happen every day. Besides, you still keep fire extinguishers handy in case of a fire, do you not?

These problems of security, efficiency, and recovery are what a data storage solution remedies. They might not be existing problems for you and your business – not yet – but they are always looming risks that are best preemptively solved.