Data Vault

Data Vault Offsite At Sterling Data StorageRecent statistics were reported showing that thirty percent of businesses fail one year after a major fire or similarly damaging event. The numbers go on to say that another 70% fail within the next five years. Having data vault services can be the difference between the complete loss of critical and sensitive data and a temporary, unfortunate speed bump. Companies of all sizes need a safe and secure method of protecting their information on an offsite server that is capable of synchronizing data regularly and still remains accessible to the users in the network. Sterling Data Storage offers reliable solutions for company administrators that want a safety net for their sensitive files.

Having A Dependable And Trustworthy Data Vault

Companies collect and produce data every day that can potentially be lost due to uncontrollable acts of God, fires, viruses, hardware malfunctions or myriad other ways. It is vital to the continuity of the organization that the information is safely backed up in a separate location data vault, retrievable and able to be restored if needed to a prior date or time. This contingency plan is a wise investment at a very reasonable price.

Securing Files In A Data Vault

To make a productive and accurate backup and restore system, a data vault must continuously and regularly update their servers with their client’s data. This guarantees that the data restored is the most recent and complete list of data possible. Sterling Data Storage has offers automated multi-office, multi-layer back up synchronizations of critical and sensitive data to offer the most thorough level of protection possible through a data vault service.

Having Resources Stored In A Data Vault

Sterling Data Storage offers comprehensive customer service and technical support for its potential and existing customers. When trouble arises in the business of data protection oftentimes it is vital that the matter be investigated in a timely manner to avoid further loss or damage to critical systems. Sterling data vault services have the option to contact them via Live Chat on their website, email to their offices, or a quick toll free telephone call to one of their friendly and helpful representatives.

The protection of sensitive business or customer information is very important to the successful future of any online or offline company. If computers are used in a company, there is no question that they will benefit from the services of a data vault.