Struggling to turn your hourly break/fix business into a recurring revenue model? You are not alone. Making the transition from a break/fix model to a managed services model takes time and money that most smaller IT shops don’t have. Sterling provides the tools and expertise to offer your clients managed services immediately without a capital investment.

A single license creates a high value recurring revenue stream that is managed remotely by Sterling Data Storage, freeing you to get more clients, work on higher value projects or safely take vacations.

How Our Private Label Reseller Program Works:

  1. Signup as a reseller and gain access to a comprehensive group of essential cloud services
  2. Choose the package that fits your client’s needs and install
  3. You buy a license at wholesale and bill a monthly retail price to your client
  4. Manage all of your clients through a remote access dashboard
  5. Based on the package selected, Sterling provides business grade security, compliance, preventive maintenance, monitoring and automated 24/7 support.
  6. You handle Tier 2/3 support and higher value tasks with billable hours.

Reseller Program Benefits:

  • You keep your client relationship – we protect it
  • Outsourcing essential services allows scaling
  • A monthly license fee allows you to control costs
  • Pay monthly as you go – no long term contracts
  • Monitoring creates a stream of opportunities for booking billable hours
  • Effective reporting makes clients stick and shows recurring value

Are you ready to transform your business and become a local IT juggernaut? Contact Sterling Data Storage today and get started on your new journey.