The prospect of losing all of your files due to a hardware failure or corrupted software is too much to bear. Computer technology is anything but permanent, after all. Not only do individual systems break down and sometimes fail catastrophically without warning, but a new software version may present compatibility problems and the like. For this reason, it is important to practice good data archiving. Ideally, you not only want a good backup of your data for immediate use, but also some long-term archiving so that if anything gets lost or corrupted, you always have another option.
Choosing Good Backup Options
Choosing the right data archiving or backup solution is the key to having a successful emergency plan. Since you may need to rely on your solution when your system suffers catastrophe, it is important to choose one that can be relied upon and that guarantees not just secure archiving but also ease of recovery. There are various properties that should be present in any good archiving solution, including constant access and high bandwidth.
One problem with backing things up online has always been that your files may not be available when they are most needed. Therefore, you should always prefer those systems that can guarantee the most uptime possible. Not only should the site always be up, but it should also be easy to log in and retrieve any files you need. Data archiving solutions that require extra steps in order to retrieve your data are generally not preferred, as any further delay is unnecessary.
No matter how dependable the archiving server and website are, a backup solution is no good if it is impossible to retrieve your data in a timely manner. Bear in mind that it is not only your local internet connection that determines transfer speeds. It is also possible for the performance bottleneck to be on the other end. Look for data archiving solutions that can offer the fastest transfer speeds, so that you will never need to wait an unnecessarily long time before getting back up and running after a disaster.
A good data archiving solution depends on many different factors. The service must be capable of storing data securely and for a very long period of time with multiple redundancies. It must also be available at any time, and restoring data must not be a long and drawn-out process. A great backup solution is painless and, above all else, fast.