Off Site Backup

Off Site Backup Services offered By Sterlling Data StorageIf you own a business, chances are you use a computer to store all of your customer’s information and order information as well. With so many different paperless businesses in existence, there is a growing need for data storage solution to ensure all of the business information is kept safe and private. If you have ever experience a power outage or a systems failure, you know how frustrating it can be to lose all of the files you have been accumulating for years. Now, picture losing all of the customer data you have been saving since you opened your doors. If you do not have a storage plan in force, it is time to create one. Learn why off site backup is becoming a popular choice and protect the data that earns you money.

What is Off Site Backup?

There has been a variety of different storage media released to save all of your files manually. Floppy disks, tapes, USB drives, and other media have all become popular. When you store your data off site backup, you are using one of these type of media to securely store your data away from your business location. This means that if you experience a fire, the data that is damaged onsite can be accessed off site. The data storage solutions team you choose will install software on your systems. Once installed, the software will help you choose what and when data should be backed up and stored. Generally, businesses can select files and transfer these files over the Internet to an offsite backup data storage center. This makes your data accessible at any time from the software.

Benefits of Off Site Backup

Off site backup are very secure. The data is encrypted before it is transferred to a storage center and can only be accessed by you and your authorized personnel. You should never choose a storage center that allow data to travel in an un-encrypted manner.
This data storage solution is also very affordable. Most companies will charge their customers on a per computer basis. Some companies will give discounts for larger businesses with more system files to off site backup. You should not have to pay for software licenses, data transfers, recoveries, or any additional charges.

If you want to pay a fixed monthly fee for the protection of your data, off site backup is the best choice. Choose a reliable service provider like Sterling Data Storage and send your data offsite so you know it is there waiting for you when you need it.