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Sterling Data Storage Offering Offsite Data StorageData is perhaps one of the most important components of any business or company and as such it is important that your offsite data storage is secure and backed up properly should there be any malicious security issues or natural disasters. Data storage is simple if you partner with the right service provider who can automate the process and has already installed the proper storage infrastructure. Using offsite data storage is easy, quick, inexpensive, and incredibly smart if your company creates large volumes of data that are essential to the function and success of your business.

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Offsite data storage is essentially any form of storage of data or files that is not housed within the main body or buildings of your company or business. Taking home discs and drives that house stored data would be considered “offsite data storage”, however the security and scale of this technique is limited. If you are an active business with company and client information that is vital to the operation and revenue generation, you’ll need a more robust and secure way to manage, storage and recover data.
There are plenty of reasons a business should engage an offsite storage provider that is able to securely transfer large amounts of data over the internet (“over the wire”).  The first and possibly most common is systems failure. If a computer, server or other device in the network crashes and the data is not backed up in an alternate location, the odds of recovering the data are slim. Expensive data recovery methods can be used to extract data from damaged devices, however, they are costly and time consuming. In the case of device failure, the ability to recover data reduces dramatically making it nearly impossible for programmers to get into the system to salvage data. Even if data saved more than once within the same device, a crash or failure will likely wipe out both sets of data. Using and offsite data storage solution provides a way to quickly retrieve over the internet and continue day to day business.

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Another instance in which you may need offsite data storage is if there is a physical disaster at your company or operating location, this could mean fire, flood, or other natural disaster. For instance, if an operating site burns to the ground due to fire, having data locally backed up in an onsite server won’t be helpful. Smoke, fire, and water damage will destroy both your backup and your central data. Having your data stored offsite can help to insure that even if there is a disaster, your data is secure and business can be restored overnight.
Setting up offsite data storage capability for a company can be a daunting task and requires computer networking knowledge and choosing the right automated backup software provider. Sterling Data Storage provides a turn-key offsite data storage, data backup and data recovery solution that is affordable for small businesses. At the heart of the Sterling solution is the backup software that automates and manages the syncing of files between the offsite facility and the local computer. Sterling Data Storage ensures the data storage devices are monitored closely and, in the event of data loss on a local computer, the data can be recovered and restored quickly.

Sterling Data Storage offers a wide variety of specialized offsite data storage features like encrypted and compressed storage, bandwidth throttling, and customizable backup policies for each individual customer. Call (877) 503-6313 to receive a free price estimate to meet your offsite data storage needs.